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Fantasy Update

Aug 20, 2014
Coach Chuck Pagano seemed to hint that the Colts will lean toward an aggressive passing offense in hopes it will kick start their running game.
CSN Washington Aug 15, 2014

Spin Doctors: Fantasy value of Luck vs. RGIII vs. Foles

Of the quarterback class of 2012, who has the most fantasy value? The Spin Doctors size up Andrew Luck, RG3 and Nick Foles.
Stampede Blue Aug 15, 2014

How Long will Andrew Luck and the First Team Offense Play Saturday?

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said Wednesday that the plan right now is for Andrew Luck and the starting offense to play the entire fourth quarter in Saturday's preseason game against the New York Giants? In last week's preseason opener, Andrew Luck and the Colts starting offense played one drive.  After a rough start (getting into a third and long), it looked like they might go three and out to start the preseason.  But then Luck hit Hakeem Nicks on a nice comeback route, and the offense then got on a roll.  Luck hit T.Y. Hilton on a couple of underneath crossing routes, Trent...
Stampede Blue Aug 14, 2014

Is Andrew Luck just Lucky in the Fourth Quarter?

The Colts are 14-2 in one-score games under Andrew Luck. Can they keep that up? More importantly, what is the reason behind that incredible number? Stampede Blue's Josh Wilson says it's because of the offense the Colts ran/run. Andrew Luck is good at a lot of things.  He has impressed with his arm, with his legs, with his smarts, with his leadership, and with his toughness, among other things.  He's entering just his third year, but he's already carved out a great reputation as one of the league's top quarterbacks.  One of the most amazing aspects of Luck's first two seasons in the...
New York Post Aug 8, 2014

Andrew Luck shows Jets how teams will go after their defense

It is hard to learn much from a team’s first preseason game, but the Jets saw Thursday night from the Colts what the blueprint will be from opposing offenses this...
Stampede Blue Aug 2, 2014

Can Andrew Luck Be Fantasy’s Top QB in 2014?

Andrew Luck was amazing in 2013. The toughest thing to understand when looking at his fantasy value, though, is that he probably could have been even better. This post comes from Justin Becker of FantasyFootballOverdose.com. You can follow him on Twitter @NBAandNFLInfo or the Fantasy Football Overdose Google+ Page, and for more 2014 Fantasy Football Projections visit Fantasy Football Overdose. Andrew Luck was amazing in 2013. The toughest thing to understand when looking at his fantasy value, though, is that he probably could have been even better. If it hadn’t been for a stubborn...
Field Gulls Jul 31, 2014

Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck, and I have the non-height-based evidence to prove it.

He's slayed nearly the whole lot, but there's one more beard in need of a good trimming. Make the cut as "short" as possible, please. This all started with him. It was innocent really. Two star-crossed quarterbacks just trying to make it in this crazy, mixed-up league. Two young people, kids really, with nothing and everything to prove. Intrinsically tied to one another for seemingly the rest of their careers, they barely play in the same universe. The two Q's. "The what?" The two cueees. "The two whats?!" Oh sorry. The two Q-Bs, the quarterbacks, they met for the first time only last...
Stampede Blue Jul 28, 2014
Luck: Bjoern Werner

Luck: Bjoern Werner "Best German DE in the NFL"

Andrew Luck jokingly called teammate Bjoern Werner the "best german defensive end in the NFL." But in all seriousness, the second year player has been impressing so far at camp. Second year outside linebacker Bjoern Werner has been impressing during the first week of Colts training camp.  So much so that the team's quarterback, Andrew Luck, called Werner the "best German defensive end in the NFL."  Obviously, Luck was having a bit of fun with his teammate (who's technically an outside linebacker but who plays much more like a defensive end), but Luck's praise of Werner wasn't a joke....
Stampede Blue Jul 27, 2014

Kurt Warner offers his take on Andrew Luck

Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner was at Colts camp on Saturday with NFL Network, and he weighed in with his opinions on Andrew Luck. Sometimes, I wonder whether people on this site get tired of reading about how good Andrew Luck is. And then I realize what a stupid thought that is.  So here we go. Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner was at Colts camp on Saturday, broadcasting with NFL Network from Anderson University.  In his 12-year NFL career, Warner was a 4-time Pro Bowler and a 2-time First Team All-Pro, passing for 32,344 yards, 208 touchdowns, and 128 interceptions while...
Big Cat Country Jul 25, 2014
Andrew Luck Fan Fiction Part 1

Andrew Luck Fan Fiction Part 1

A fan fiction about Andrew Luck and his romantic encounters. His hair was sticky from the sweet tea that he had poured over his head by mistake. "I thought that clear jug was filled with water a few minutes ago," he chuckled to a teammate who was talking on a bluetooth hands free device. "I was wrong, though. It was tea and now I'm all sticky. Momma said there would be days like this." His teammate was still not paying attention. After Andrew Luck washed the sweet tea from his hair, he thought about how far he'd made it. "I cant believe I walked all the way in here from all the way over...
Stampede Blue Jul 22, 2014
14 for '14 Number 1: Quarterback Andrew Luck

14 for '14 Number 1: Quarterback Andrew Luck

In the 14 days leading up to the Indianapolis Colts reporting for training camp on July 23, we will count down the 14 most important players to the Colts success in 2014. Today, we look at number 1, Andrew Luck. This article needs no explanation.  All I needed to do was say that Andrew Luck was number one on the list and everyone would nod their heads in agreement.  There's really no doubt about this one, and while the others on this list were subject to disagreement, this one isn't.  Andrew Luck is far and away the most important player to the Colts success in 2014 (and 2015, and 2016,...

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