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Stampede Blue Jul 22, 2014
14 for '14 Number 1: Quarterback Andrew Luck

14 for '14 Number 1: Quarterback Andrew Luck

In the 14 days leading up to the Indianapolis Colts reporting for training camp on July 23, we will count down the 14 most important players to the Colts success in 2014. Today, we look at number 1, Andrew Luck. This article needs no explanation.  All I needed to do was say that Andrew Luck was number one on the list and everyone would nod their heads in agreement.  There's really no doubt about this one, and while the others on this list were subject to disagreement, this one isn't.  Andrew Luck is far and away the most important player to the Colts success in 2014 (and 2015, and 2016,...
Stampede Blue Jul 21, 2014

More Praise for Colts QB Andrew Luck

This is the time of year when quarterback rankings are released, and for fans of Andrew Luck, that makes for a fun time reading about how good the Colts quarterback is. Grass is green.  The sky is blue.  Water is wet.  Andrew Luck is really, really good. This is the time of year for a lot of quarterback rankings, and the insane number of different lists might be enough to drive some people crazy.  For those of us who love reading about how good the Colts franchise quarterback is, however, it's pretty fun! Earlier this month we talked about how ESPN's Mike Sando ranked Luck one of five...
Stampede Blue Jul 20, 2014

Pat McAfee to Jadeveon Clowney: Don't Mess with Andrew Luck

Colts punter Pat McAfee had some humorous words for Texans defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney, telling him not to mess with Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Last week, we mentioned how Texans rookie defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney said his goal in the NFL is to sack Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.  Said Clowney: "My goal in the NFL is to sack Andrew Luck. He's in my division, [we play] him two times a year, he's a dangerous quarterback, he makes good decisions with the ball, so I just want to get after him and sack him one time." While the Colts hope that their offensive line will be...
Stampede Blue Jul 19, 2014

Looking at the Colts Entering Year Three of New Regime

The Colts are entering the ever-important year three of the Ryan Grigson, Chuck Pagano, and Andrew Luck regime. How has it gone so far, and what are the questions that will hopefully be answered this year? As a Notre Dame fan, I know the significance of the third year for a coaching regime.  Nearly every good football coach that the Irish have had in the last 75+ years has made the National Championship game in his third year.  It started with Frank Leahy in 1943, then it was Ara Parseghian in 1966, then Dan Devine in 1977 followed by Lou Holtz in 1988, and most recently including Brian...
Battle Red Blog Jul 17, 2014

Pat McAfee: "Please, Don't Hurt Me" And Other Fighting Words For Jadeveon Clowney

Colts punter Pat McAfee has a segment on NFL Network and he didn't take too kindly to Jadeveon Clowney's goal of sacking Andrew Luck. Check out what he had to say about it. Indianapolis Colts punter and anti-virus software guru Pat McAfee has made quite a name for himself. Ever since he absolutely destroyed the 5'9" tall Trindon Holliday on a punt return, the six-year pro has seen his popularity soar. This hit led to him being "randomly selected" for performance-enhancing drugs soon after. He also made me pop a blood vessel after muffing a punt against us and then making a superb punt...
Stampede Blue Jul 16, 2014
How did Dwight Freeney help Andrew Luck?

How did Dwight Freeney help Andrew Luck?

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck talked to Colts.com about how Dwight Freeney helped him adjust as a newcomer to the NFL and the Colts. When Andrew Luck entered the NFL, he had the unenviable task of replacing a living legend in Peyton Manning.  Manning, one of the NFL's undisputed all-time greats and the greatest player in Colts history, had directed the Colts to one of the most incredible runs the league has ever seen. And a 22-year old rookie was being tasked with replacing the recently released Manning.  It was no small task, and it certainly would have given plenty of legitimate...
Stampede Blue Jul 10, 2014
14 for '14 Number 13: LT Anthony Castonzo

14 for '14 Number 13: LT Anthony Castonzo

In the 14 days leading up to the Indianapolis Colts reporting for training camp on July 23, we will count down the 14 most important players to the Colts success in 2014. Today, we look at number 13, left tackle Anthony Castonzo. Offensive linemen are important - although sometimes watching Andrew Luck might make it seem otherwise.  Since Luck entered the league, no quarterback has taken as many hits without being sacked as Luck has (170), and the next closest is 49 hits behind Luck, according to this statistic from Scott Kacsmar. While Luck has an uncanny knack for avoiding sacks, that...
Battle Red Blog Jul 7, 2014
Jadeveon Clowney's Goal For 2014: Sack Andrew Luck

Jadeveon Clowney's Goal For 2014: Sack Andrew Luck

2014's first overall pick wants a piece of 2012's first overall pick. This is going to be good. Jadeveon Clowney made quite a name for himself in college as a big game hunter. Whether it was Tajh Boyd, Aaron Murray, or Taylor Lewan, Clowney has a collection of pelts on his wall that won’t soon be rivaled. With the step up to the NFL, there is a new group of beasts to hunt, and Clowney wants to take down the most dangerous one in the AFC South – Andrew Luck. Clowney sent a warning shot across the bow to Indianapolis the day he was drafted first overall by the Texans. J. Clowney, on...
Rotoworld Jul 3, 2014

Coaches, front offices put Luck in Tier 1 - Andrew Luck (QB) Indianapolis Colts

In poll of 26 general managers, personnel men and coaches, Andrew Luck landed in Tier 1 of quarterbacks.
Stampede Blue Jul 2, 2014

People Think Very Highly of Andrew Luck

ESPN's Mike Sando polled 26 "league insiders" and ranked all 32 starting quarterbacks, grouping them into tiers. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was ranked fifth and in tier one - with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees. Often times, the NFL offseason is the time where we're engaged in debate with just how good a certain player is in comparison to the rest of the league.  This most often happens with quarterbacks (ok, it always happens with quarterbacks), and ESPN's Mike Sando released his ranking of the 32 starting quarterbacks in the league (it's an insider...
ESPN Fantasy Football Jun 24, 2014

Fantasy Now: Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III

Ranked next to each other at the quarterback position, who is the better pick for 2014, Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III?
Stampede Blue Jun 23, 2014

Thoughts after 2014 Colts OTAs- Reasons to be excited

The 2014 Colts OTAs and minicamps are done. Now, we wait for training camp. Between now and then, let's chat about what we should be excited for! Andrew Luck The reason fans should be excited is Luck only seems to be getting better. He's light years ahead of where Peyton Manning was in 2000 when he entered his third season. His command of the offense, his ability to overcome adversity, and his other-worldly playmaking ability make him one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL right now. Personally, I'd say he's top 3. Oh, and speaking of Peyton Manning, Luck is better than him now. Yes, he...

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