7:13 PM EDT, Mon June 29, 2015
Stampede Blue Jun 16, 2015

Andrew Luck, Andre Johnson will work out together this offseason

The Colts players are on their own until training camp, but quarterback Andrew Luck and wide receiver Andre Johnson will work out together this offseason to work on timing. The Indianapolis Colts ended their eight week offseason program last week with their three-day mandatory mini-camp, and for the next seven weeks they will go their separate ways until reporting to training camp on August 1.  They can't work out as a team during the period, but a few players will get together to continue the work on their own.  Quarterback Andrew Luck and wide receiver Andre Johnson will get together at...
Hogs Haven Jun 14, 2015

Would the Redskins be Better With Andrew Luck?

Andrew Luck has transformed the Colts into a championship contender. The man who talks like he has a dozen marbles in his mouth has taken the league's worst team in 2011, and made them into one of the AFC's best, and he's done so without the greatest supporting staff on offense, or a defense that's physically intimidating to opponents. To say Luck as done quite a bit with less-than-stellar weapons around him would be an understatement. His offensive line is a tick above average, and even that may be generous. His running game is barely a factor, even after trading for former first round...
Colts Gab Jun 10, 2015

New Colts WR Johnson Declares Andrew Luck the Best QB in the NFL

Better than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? If you ask Andre Johnson, the question is yes. The question about those two QB’s is ‘what quarterback is the best in the game today,’ to which the former Texan now Colts WR responds with his new found pal – Andrew Luck. “He’s a hell of a player,” […]
Stampede Blue Jun 10, 2015

Andrew Luck hopes to cut down on turnovers in 2015

Andrew Luck has been very impressive in his first three seasons in the NFL, but if you ask him what area he could improve on, he'll tell you this: by cutting down on turnovers. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is already among the best in the league at his position.  His ranking varies depending on which list you look at, but he's always near the top.  He's one of the best players in the league, coming off of a season in which he broke Peyton Manning's franchise record for passing yards in a single season and led the entire NFL in touchdown passes. But while he's already incredibly good,...
Stampede Blue Jun 9, 2015

Andre Johnson: Andrew Luck is the best quarterback in the NFL

Wide receiver Andre Johnson has yet to play a game with his new quarterback Andrew Luck, but he isn't shy in his praise for the Colts' signal caller, calling him the best quarterback in the NFL. Veteran wide receiver Andre Johnson signed with the Colts earlier this offseason, and he has yet to play a single game with his new teammates.  The work they have put in has been limited to workouts and OTAs, but that doesn't mean that Johnson is holding back his praise, particularly for the quarterback that was a major reason for Johnson coming to Indianapolis in the first place, Andrew...
Stampede Blue Jun 8, 2015

DeMarcus Ware says Andrew Luck is the toughest quarterback to defend in the NFL

Broncos pass rusher DeMarcus Ware recently said on Around the NFL that the toughest quarterback to defend in the NFL is the Colts' Andrew Luck. Though Andrew Luck is just 25-years old and has just three NFL seasons under his belt, he has already drawn the respect and recognition of his peers around the league. Broncos pass rusher Demarcus Ware is one of them.  As a member of the Broncos he faced Luck twice in the 2014 season, including in the playoffs when the Colts defeated them in Denver in the Divisional Round.  Appearing on NFL Network's Around the NFL recently, Ware was asked who the...
Turf Show Times Jun 7, 2015

NFL 2015: Market Point for "Elite" NFL Quarterbacks - Start at $100 Million...

Has the "Mega-Contract" stage been set for Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson? Do you ever wonder what contract talks are like between an agent and a NFL team general manager? The most awkward moment has to be when the conversation starts: The agent expounds just how great his client is, versus the GM sitting there nodding his head while he randomly interrupts with a "potentially..." It's about "pie-in-the-sky" payday dreams for the agent, and fiscal nightmares for the GM... Two quarterbacks have been waiting patiently for the market point to be set at their position: Indianapolis' Andrew Luck,...
Stampede Blue Jun 3, 2015

Chuck Pagano on trying to defend the Colts' offense: "You've got to pick your poison"

Head coach Chuck Pagano said Wednesday that, for defenses trying to defend the Colts' offense in 2015, "you've got to pick your poison." The expectations are very high for the Indianapolis Colts entering 2015.  The main reasons for those expectations lie on the offensive side of the football, as the Colts are projected to have one of the top offensive units in the league. Andrew Luck is leading the charge at quarterback, one of the best in the game at his position.  He has a plethora of receiving targets, such as T.Y. Hilton, Andre Johnson, Donte Moncrief, Phillip Dorsett, and Duron...
Stampede Blue Jun 3, 2015

T.Y. Hilton on Andrew Luck: "He's a free agent magnet"

According to ESPN's Mike Wells, Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton said of his quarterback, Andrew Luck, that, "he's a free agent magnet." He's not wrong. In today's NFL, a good quarterback can go a long way toward winning a championship.  It's why players like Cam Newton get $20 million a year contracts, as teams are desperate to find a championship-level signal caller.  For the teams that have one firmly established - and one established for the next decade - players notice. The Indianapolis Colts have one of the league's top quarterbacks right now in Andrew Luck, and with Luck being just...
Stampede Blue May 31, 2015

Andrew Luck ranked as the third-best quarterback in the NFL

NFL.com's Bucky Brooks ranked Colts quarterback Andrew Luck as the third-best in the NFL at his position. When it comes to the NFL offseason, OTAs and quarterback rankings are two of the staples of the period.  Due to OTAs over the past few weeks, a quarterback ranking from NFL.com's Bucky Brooks from a week and a half ago slipped under the radar, but let's take a look back and see what he had to say. In his ranking of the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL, Brooks obviously had Aaron Rodgers first, and then second was the Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger.  Third?  The Colts' Andrew Luck....
Stampede Blue May 29, 2015

New Colts Teammates Notice the Same Thing about Andrew Luck: He's Smart

A number of Andrew Luck's new teammates - Phillip Dorsett, Frank Gore, and Andre Johnson - have all noticed the same thing about the quarterback - he's smart. There's a lot to like about Andrew Luck.  He has the physical talent that makes him seem like an ideal quarterback, and he has the football smarts to go with it.  When he was coming out of college, many people talked about how he was taking after Peyton Manning in terms of his knowledge of the game and his smarts on-the-field, and we've certainly seen that in action in his first three years. It's one of the first things that his...

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