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Baltimore Beatdown May 28, 2016

Have the Baltimore Ravens Done Enough To Beat The Cincinnati Bengals

The roster is likely set. Cincinnati is the team the Ravens should be looking up to, and not the Steelers like they traditionally have. It has now been two years in succession that the Ravens have found themselves swept by the Bengals. The high powered, Andy Dalton led offense has found ways to dissect the Ravens Defense, with A.J Green posing ridiculous stat lines including 10 receptions for 183 yards and 2 touchdowns in week 2, will while torching Jimmy Smith. The most blatant advantage of the Bengals offense however, came through Marvin Jones and Tyler Eiffert. Shareece Wright should...
Cincy Jungle May 27, 2016

Andy Dalton-A.J. Green connection more vital than ever in 2016

The quarterback-wide receiver duo has been fantastic throughout the careers of each player. Have Dalton and Green earned the benefit of the doubt? Hue Jackson, Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu are gone, yet the Bengals remain as confident as ever, thanks in part to what has arguably become the most reliable quarterback-receiver connection in the NFL. If it weren't for Andy Dalton and A.J. Green, the Bengals could still be a cellar dweller, even in 2016. The Bengals, once predicted to go 0-16 in 2011, are now one of the NFL's most dominant clubs, though Cincinnati is still looking for its...
Cincy Jungle May 26, 2016

Top 10 Bengals with most to prove in 2016: No. 6, Andy Dalton

Any offseason Bengals list wouldn't be complete without including the team's star-crossed quarterback. What does Andy Dalton need to prove in 2016 to the league, his team and Bengals fans? "You can't please everyone". It's an old adage and a lesson learned the hard way by Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, Andy Dalton. The signal-caller knows well how to get his team to the postseason, but he also knows first round heartbreak equally well. Though some of the stats might not always back it up, one could make the proclamation that he has steadily improved each year. While he broke franchise...
Cincy Jungle May 26, 2016

Bengals' quarterback situation continues to be underestimated

Is it fair to continue to place the Bengals' quarterback situation just barely above average? There's a tired old narrative out there about Andy Dalton that won't die, despite the fact that he debunked the misconceptions regarding him last year. The narrative is that he is an average quarterback who simply does not have what it takes to get the Bengals to that next level. For some reason, analysts, experts, and NFL fans around the country stuck this label on him when he was young and developing. He just can't shake it now, even after an impressive 2015 campaign where he was on pace to have...
Cincy Jungle May 26, 2016

Karlos Dansby on Bengals: I've never been around this much talent

One new Bengals player is convinced that this is the right place to finish what he started with the Arizona Cardinals. Why did Karlos Dansby choose to sign with the Cincinnati Bengals? There are probably multiple factors. For one, the potential to earn $2.25 million on a one year deal is pretty enticing for a 34-year-old player. But, the chance to win a Super Bowl is another factor that definitely helped to make his decision easy. "We might be one of the more talented groups I've ever been around." Dansby told Dan Hoard in an interview on Bengals.com. And when asked what team he's been on...
Cincy Jungle May 26, 2016

Bengals Bytes (5/26): Whatever it takes

One Bengal player is doing whatever it takes to stick with the Bengals, even if that means switching sides of the Ball. One receiver is determined to get a shot with the Patriots, and one kid killed it at his talent show. Can Bengals win AFC North despite notable roster losses? - NFL VideosWith tight end Tyler Eifert undergoing surgery, the "NFL Total Access" crew discusses how Andy Dalton and the Bengals will perform in 2016. Insider Buzz: Concerns Tyler Eifert Injury Will Impact Chemistry with DaltonWill Tyler Eifert miss training camp? Will Eifert play a key role in the offense with...
Turf Show Times May 24, 2016

On Media And Myopia

The modern media landscape is undergoing a radical change that's not easy for many entities to adjust to. Some NFL teams, though, are certainly doing better than others. The Buffalo Bills released a new media policy ahead of their first organized team activity of Phase III of the 2016 NFL Offseason. It is a bad policy. When teams do this, it only hurts their own fans seeking information. https://t.co/CikYGz9yln — Tyler Dunne (@TyDunne) May 24, 2016 It is a bad policy because it restricts the media's capability to tell fans what is going on even when what is going on is of (a)...
Turf Show Times May 24, 2016

2016 NFL Odds: LA Rams One Of Least Likely Teams To Win Division

The Rams aren't among the favorites in the NFC West and are among the least likely teams in all of the NFL to win their division. Last week, we looked at the odds the Los Angeles Rams are being given in the win/loss column. Today, we've got a new set of odds from Bovada looking at divisional champion odds...and they're not great for the Rams either. The Rams are listed at 15/2 odds to take the NFC West which puts them in third: Team Odds Seattle Seahawks 10/11 Arizona Cardinals 7/5 Los Angeles Rams 15/2 San Francisco 49ers 20/1 One of the things pushing the Rams so far back...
Cincy Jungle May 23, 2016

Losing Hue Jackson easier for Bengals to overcome than defensive position coaches

The Bengals may have lost Hue Jackson, but they also lost every defensive position coach from 2015. Which will be more difficult to battle back from in 2016? The Bengals' loss of Hue Jackson was significant. Cincinnati's former offensive coordinator helped establish one of the league's best ground-and-pound offenses in 2014 and assisted Andy Dalton in breaking out as an MVP-caliber quarterback in 2015, running a pass-dominant aerial attack. Jackson's loss, as well as the losses of Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu, will be significant, but the team's loss of Jackson won't be nearly as difficult...
Cincy Jungle May 23, 2016

Was 2015 an outlier season for Andy Dalton?

The Red Rifle played at an MVP-caliber level in 2015. Is he capable of replicating that production in 2016 and beyond? Andy Dalton's 2015 season came out of nowhere. When the former TCU quarterback made his way to Cincinnati in the second round of the 2011 Draft, the common consensus was that he was a high floor, low ceiling prospect. And in 2013, after Dalton passed for 4,293 yards, 33 touchdowns and 20 interceptions with 7.3 yards per attempt, most people thought that would be as good as it gets. Dalton had his his perceived ceiling. The notion was backed up in 2014, when the Bengals...
Cincy Jungle May 23, 2016

Would You Rather: Bernard or Hill be the featured running back

The shifty Giovani Bernard who can catch and run, or the big pounding stylings of Jeremy Hill? Which would you rather see get the workload in 2016? In our series investigating "would you rather" questions, we look today at the running back position and ask, Would you rather see Giovani Bernard or Jeremy Hill get the bulk of the work at the running back position this year? This question becomes rather relevant when you figure the Bengals are possibly working on an extension for Giovani Bernard and the team history shows when the Bengals have two good players at the same position, only one of...
Cincy Jungle May 22, 2016

Bengals featured among strange ESPN fantasy rankings

Some of these fantasy rankings just make no sense. As we've noticed before, the Bengals are no stranger to ridiculous predictions that show just how little respect the NFL community has for the team. In the latest case ESPN's 2016 fantasy rankings offer a strange perspective on some of the top Bengals players. The rankings are done by position, so the rankings (many of which make no sense) are based on the rank at each player's position. Andy Dalton (16) Dalton being labeled as an 'average quarterback' has been an annoying misconception for years. It's also one you would have thought he...
Turf Show Times May 21, 2016

Rams Need Jared Goff to Land North of Andy Dalton on the "Dalton Scale"

For those not entirely plugged into the bonus levels of the internet, the "Dalton Scale" is a term coined by Chris Wessling of the Around the NFL Podcast. Simply put, if your starting quarterback is worse than Andy Dalton, you need a new quarterback; and anyone above that line is a long-term option and/or a potential Franchise piece.  Sparing yourself the toil of ranking some 15 or so middle-of-the-road QBs to jostle Dalton's ranking up or down 4 spots would be a good idea here.  Just accept that Andy Dalton, despite having his best year last year, statistically, is basically the...
Cincy Jungle May 21, 2016

Bengals mailbag: Trades and pushing Andy Dalton to greatness

We answer the burning questions on the minds of our readers, which include a backup quarterback pushing the starter to the next level and potential Bengals trades. The Cincinnati Bengals are gearing up for team OTAs followed by training camp right around the corner, but feelings are mixed in Who Dey Nation at the moment. Did the team improve this offseason? How will they rebound from the devastating Wild Card loss? Will they make the postseason for the sixth straight year in 2016? Those aren't the questions from our readers this week though, and are ones that will be answered throughout the...
Cincy Jungle May 19, 2016

Over/under odds set for Bengals' full-season win total

I'd bet on the Bengals winning more than 9.5 games in 2016; would you? Bovada has announced betting win totals for each NFL team heading into the 2016 season and it may be a good idea to bet on the Bengals, if you're into that sort of thing. Bovada set the Bengals' win total at 9.5, with an over bet at -130 and the under at +110. That means, you need to wager $130 to win $100 for the over. If you want to go under, you'd need to bet $100 to win $110. In each of the last four seasons, the Bengals have won at least 10 games and during the Andy Dalton era, the Bengals have won at least nine...

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