9:49 PM EST, Fri February 05, 2016
Niners Nation Feb 4, 2016

Drew Rosenhaus offers no comment on Anthony Davis situation

I have been wandering around the Super Bowl media center today, and one of the perks of the center is that you will run into all sorts of random people. On Thursday, Drew Rosenhaus was walking through the media lounge. He represents several members of the San Francisco 49ers, including sort of retired offensive tackle Anthony Davis. Upon seeing him, I figured I might as well ask for a comment on Davis' status. He said they were not commenting on his status. I suppose that is effectively a non-story, but it's a rare opportunity to chat with a proverbial mover-and-shaker, so I thought I would...
New York Post Jan 30, 2016

How Giants rejected Panthers’ golden-touch GM for Jerry Reese

There is a time to strive and push and aspire and grind it out, hoping, maybe expecting, for great things and the big payoff. For 25 years, Dave Gettleman dreamed the dream, fought the good fight, enjoyed his victories, crafted a fine career in NFL personnel, largely unknown outside the circle but appreciated by his...
Niners Nation Jan 25, 2016

Trent Baalke briefly comments on potential Anthony Davis return

The San Francisco 49ers are playing things close to the chest with regard to offensive tackle Anthony Davis. He retired last June, but has made it very clear he plans on returning to the 49ers this offseason. General manager Trent Baalke made his first radio appearance of the offseason, talking with Damon Bruce on 95.7 The Game (audio), and at the 16:50 mark Bruce asked him about Davis. Has he taken any steps to return to the NFL:"As of right now, I've gotten no notification from the league to say that he has. But, that period is still open." If it's a possibility:"Yes." Nothing has...
Niners Nation Jan 20, 2016

Anthony Davis says he did not retire to avoid playing for Jim Tomsula

Semi, sort of former San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis has been vocal in recent weeks as the team wrapped up their coaching search. He has repeatedly stated he will be back, and he has also answered questions about a variety of topics related to the coaching search, and past coaches. On Wednesday, someone finally got around to asking him if he retired to avoid playing for Jim Tomsula. Davis was pretty straight forward with his response. You can follow Davis' Twitter feed here, but I am screen-shotting these because he frequently deletes tweets. The $2 million he mentioned...
Niners Nation Jan 17, 2016

Anthony Davis suggests April 49ers return from brief retirement

The 49ers will get their offseason workout program started two weeks earlier than normal due to having a new head coach. It could mean an earlier return for offensive lineman Anthony Davis. The San Francisco 49ers are awaiting the return of offensive lineman Anthony Davis, and Saturday evening he made a comment about it on Twitter. He subsequently deleted the tweet, but as with most anything on the Internet, it's never gone forever. Well we now know when he's coming back (he deleted the tweet) @NinersNation pic.twitter.com/RKeggvzziK — Jay Kelly (GSW 37-3) (@MutWolf_) January 17,...
Niners Nation Jan 11, 2016

Anthony Davis talks about Jim Harbaugh, Super Bowl, kicking Jim Schwartz's butt

Semi-sort-of-former San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis had a few more tweets this weekend that were interesting and/or amusing to some extent. He has had a lot to say the last few weeks, and as we know, he can be a little more outspoken than a lot of football players. I would say none of the three tweets is particularly surprising, but it's always fun to see someone actually say something on the record. That being said, I've taken screenshots of Davis' tweets, because he has deleted them on occasion in the past. In fact, the final tweet is a screenshot somebody else grabbed,...
Niners Nation Jan 8, 2016

Anthony Davis deletes tweet about Chip Kelly

Former (soon-to-be again?) San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis had some tweets Friday evening after Matt Maiocco reported the 49ers had met with former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. It was a rather interesting series of tweets. At first it was a little odd, but Davis made his feelings pretty clear. He sent out his first tweet at 8:35 p.m. PT. He subsequently deleted it, but a few people got a screenshot of the tweet. Here is what he said: @NinersNation @MaioccoCSN @mattbarrows LOL!!! Anthony Davis tweeted this but now it's gone from his timeline...
Niners Nation Jan 5, 2016

Anthony Davis further confirms plan to return to 49ers in 2016

The San Francisco 49ers have numerous roster decisions to consider this offseason, and a big one is the status of sort of retired right tackle Anthony Davis. Since announcing his retirement, Davis has mentioned that he plans on returning this offseason. I suppose that makes it more of a sabbatical than retirement. Davis chimed in again on Sunday evening. After Jim Tomsula was fired, someone asked if Davis would in fact be returning to the 49ers. He confirmed once again that he planned on returning: Guaranteed. https://t.co/z1Fh89u3Yh — AD (@BamDavis_) January 4, 2016 It is going to...

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