6:16 AM EDT, Tue July 26, 2016
Niners Nation 10 hours ago

Where will Anthony Davis be when Week 1 arrives?

Retired offensive tackle Anthony Davis announced he has submitted reinstatement papers. Where will he be when the regular season starts? Earlier Monday, we learned that Anthony Davis has applied for reinstatement after spending the last year in retirement. Multiple reports are stating the Davis informed the team of his plans last week, and now he is waiting on word from the NFL. If he does return, the next question is what this all means. He would conceivably be competing for the starting right tackle job, but the team also could elect to trade or release him. If they release him, they...
San Jose Mercury News 15 hours ago

49ers' Anthony Davis applies for reinstatement after time away for health reasons

Offensive lineman left the team in November 2014 and applied Monday to return.
Newark Star-Ledger 15 hours ago

Ex-Rutgers OL Anthony Davis coming out of retirement

The Giants could be interested in the Piscataway native.
Niners Nation 17 hours ago

Anthony Davis submits reinstatement letter to NFL, 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers report for training camp on Saturday, and we might see Anthony Davis! The retired right tackle announced on Monday that he was officially sent in his reinstatement letter to the NFL and 49ers. There is no word on what the next step is, but it would seem like he will be in camp at or near the veteran report date. More to come on this. My Official Reinstatement Letter to the @NFL & @49ers has been sent!— Anthony Davis (@BamDavis_) July 25, 2016
Niners Nation Jul 22, 2016

Golden Nuggets: Is Anthony Davis returning?

Friday, July 22nd, 2016 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet. Good morning everyone. Former San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis said he'll be back in California soon, which means ... well, basically nothing. He's said a lot of things that have turned out to either not be true or just as a joke. Personally, I seriously doubt he'll return to the NFL at this stage, and if he does return then I can't see him being anything but rusty and out of NFL shape. In other words, he's not the savior of this offensive line....
Niners Nation Jul 21, 2016

Anthony Davis says he’ll be back in California soon

The countdown to some kind of resolution with Anthony Davis’ status continues. The San Francisco 49ers veterans will report for training camp a week from Saturday. Will Davis be with that group? I don’t know, but on Thursday he suggested on Twitter that he’ll be out in California “soon.” Davis posted some video earlier this week in which he was doing various offensive line-related drills. He’s said he will return, and signs seem to be increasing to some degree. But will he be with the 49ers? Will he request a trade? Will the team release him? So many potential...
Niners Nation Jul 20, 2016

Video of Anthony Davis recently doing offensive lineman drills, conditioning work

Is Anthony Davis going to return? He appears to be doing some serious work in preparation, but we’ll see when he applies for reinstatement. The San Francisco 49ers return to training camp next week, and at that point we’ll start to get a better idea of Anthony Davis’s status for the coming season. He has said he is going to return, but he has yet to file paperwork for reinstatement. That being said, some video has surfaced over the past week showing him doing a variety of work. Davis posted a video doing some speed work, and Raritan Physical Therapy has posted video of him doing some...
Niners Nation Jul 12, 2016

Anthony Davis goes for sarcasm in latest 49ers tweet

The retired San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle continues to tweet (and delete said tweets) about the 49ers. What kind of resolution do you see for this? I know some of you want to see nothing more about Anthony Davis, but for the next two weeks, the lack of news means we’ll be writing about his tweets. Consider this your warning, and feel free to take a step back from the article! On Tuesday, Davis had another tweet. Someone asked 49ers beat writer Chris Biderman why Anthony Davis is not back in a 49ers uniform, and the retired 49er had this to say (in a since deleted tweet): Annnnnd...

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