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Big Blue View Jun 24, 2016

Building the perfect New York Giants’ quarterback

Let’s have a little fun Eli Manning is arguably the best quarterback in New York Giants franchise history. He isn’t, however, perfect. Let’s build the “perfect” Giants quarterback using traits from those who have played the position for the team. Size — Kerry Collins Collins, who led the Giants to a Super Bowl in 2001 and was the quarterback from 1999-2003, is a solid 6-foot-5, 248 pounds. In other words, he is a big man, bigger than the 6-5, 240-pound Ben Roethlisberger. Eli Manning is 6-4, 218 and Phil Simms was 6-3, 216. But, if you could get a guy the size of...
Bucs Nation Jun 24, 2016

Daily Bucs Links: McCoy's angry

Here's your open thread for today. Ben Roethlisberger wants the Steelers to go for 2 more, and every other team should too - SBNation.comNFL offenses are too efficient to ignore than two-point conversions are the obvious way to go. Don't blame the spread offense for terrible NFL offensive linemen - SBNation.comOne longtime NFL coach says it's the coaches who are at fault for the poor state of blocking. Retirement Marshawn is the best Marshawn - Field GullsHe says what he wants to say. What to Watch for at Bucs' Training CampThe "NFL HQ" crew talks about the storylines to watch for during...

BTSC Podcast: Standard is the Standard talks Ben Roethlisberger ranking and more

The Standard is the Standard returns tonight at 9:30PM ET! The Standard is the Standard returns tonight with Jeff Hartman and Christopher Carter ready to talk Steelers football tonight at 9:30PM ET. You can listen to the show here or can join the show by calling 347-850-8581. Tonight the guys are ready to talk about quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and his recent ranking as the 21st best player in the NFL by the NFL Network's Top 100 show. It's the highest that Roethlisberger has ever been ranked on the show, but is it the ranking he deserves? We discuss the ranking list and...
Steelers Gab Jun 23, 2016

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger Makes NFL Top 100 Players of 2016

If you are interested in the NFL’s Top 100 Players show, then you might have been excited when Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger came on the screen. Big Ben was locked in at #21 on the list and finished the 2015 season with 21 touchdowns, after missing a total of four games due to injuries. His incredible performance against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Wild Card game will never be forgotten. Ben came back in the game, down by 2, with an injured shoulder and led the Steelers down the field for a go ahead field goal to give his team a playoff victory for […] The...
Titans’ Derrick Morgan becomes second active NFL player on CBD campaign

Titans’ Derrick Morgan becomes second active NFL player on CBD campaign

Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan publicly announced he's joining a campaign for CBD research that started in Colorado and has been promoted by Eugene Monroe and Jake Plummer.

Steelers Film Room: Ben Roethlisberger revolutionizes the NFL with two point conversions (Part II)

We take a look at why Ben Roethlisberger has too many options for the Steelers to not go for two more often this season. Our last edition of Steelers Film Room looked at how good the Pittsburgh Steelers were at converting two point conversions when quarterback Ben Roethlisberger targeted his receivers. Pittsburgh's head coach, Mike Tomlin, pushed for the league to change the rule on extra points by pushing back the spot which teams would kick from after touchdowns to make teams snap the ball from the fifteen yard line instead of the two. This gave a bigger incentive for teams to go for two...

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger ranked 21st in NFL Networks 'Top 100'

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger was ranked 21st in the NFL Network's 'Top 100' players. What started off as a simple rankings of the Top 100 players in the NFL, NFL Network's 'Top 100' has turned into must-watch television for the football starved fan. During the slow months, NFL Network has fans not only watching, but debating, the weekly ranking show to see where their favorite players from their favorite teams might end up. For fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the debating will certainly start when many awake on Thursday to see their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was ranked 21st. This...

Steelers Film Room: Ben Roethlisberger revolutionizes NFL with two point conversions (Part I)

We take a look at why the Pittsburgh Steelers have every reason to go for two even more often than they did last year. Last week Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, spoke to the media stating that he felt comfortable with Pittsburgh going for two points after every touchdown this season. Steelers' head coach Mike Tomlin was the primary advocate that pushed for a rule change in the NFL that allowed for extra points to be moved back to the fifteen yard line to encourage more teams to take chances at two point conversions. Pittsburgh took that chance to attempt the most two...

"Super dad" Roethlisberger hosts youth football camp on Father's Day

Ben Roethlisberger started his Father’s Day in typical fashion — with his children bombarding him in bed with hugs and presents.

Common sense finally sets in as Steelers ranked as the best "triplets" in the NFL

Despite what a former NFL player said on ESPN's 'NFL Live' show, common sense wins when ranking the top 'Triplets' in the NFL. If you are new to this specific topic of conversation which has circulated around Pittsburgh Steelers fans the past week, no, a member of the team didn't recently welcome triplets into this world. In regards to the 'Triplets' label, they are referring to the team who has the best quarterback, wide receiver and running back on a team. For the Steelers, it would be tough to find a team with a trio better than Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell. In...
Bleeding Green Nation Jun 19, 2016

Eagles News: Ben Roethlisberger thinks Carson Wentz can succeed in the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/19/16. Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ... Big Ben: Small school doesn't matter, Carson Wentz can excel in the NFL - CBS Sports"You know, people do make a big deal about the small school, and his school is even smaller than Miami was, a MAC school," Roethlisberger told Talk of Fame Network's Clark Judge. 'But I think what you look at is: What did he do at that school? Yeah, maybe the competition level wasn't that great, but it's not like he just went out and had a winning season. He won national championships for that school ... and that's...

Heyl: Big Ben dodges Trump affiliation, avoiding predecessors’ fumbles

Football season doesn’t start for three months, but Ben Roethlisberger just proved he’s one of the smartest quarterbacks in the NFL. He did so without ...
Bucs Nation Jun 16, 2016

Daily Bucs Links: Kenny Bell winning over coaches

Here's your open thread for today. Fletcher Cox is going to make some defensive linemen a lot richer - SBNation.comThe Eagles and Cox agreed to a six-year, $103 million* deal that's going to give some of his peers more muscle in their own contract talks. Darren McFadden broke his elbow trying to save his cell phone from falling - SBNation.comWe get it, but c'mon dude, just buy a new phone next time. Ben Roethlisberger wants the Steelers to go for 2 every time - SBNation.comConsidering how successful the Steelers were with two-point conversions last season, it may not be a bad idea. Bills RB...
Rookie wall won't be a barrier for Bud Dupree in Year 2

Rookie wall won't be a barrier for Bud Dupree in Year 2

Bud Dupree didn’t have to look very far to find a role model when it came to NFL fitness. His locker stall is three down from James Harrison’s, where the “ageless” linebacker — as Ben Roethlisberger called him last week — tweets of videos of his weight room workouts. Dupree witnesses those legendary sessions in person, and they’ve been helpful in his transition to professional football.

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