9:04 PM EDT, Thu July 30, 2015
Niners Nation Jul 16, 2015

49ers QB Blaine Gabbert ranked worst backup in NFL

Blaine Gabbert has not had a particularly standout career, so this ranking is not shocking. But is it sufficiently accurate? I can already feel the rage pulsating through my veins! Over at NFL.com, Marc Sessler decided it was time to rank out the projected backup quarterbacks across the league. As he points out, the NFL saw 54 quarterbacks take snaps at one point or another last year. And just to fire all of us up (OK, maybe not ALL of us), Sessler ranked Blaine Gabbert dead last. The San Francisco 49ers acquired Gabbert from the Jacksonville Jaguars a year ago for a sixth round pick. He...
Niners Nation Jul 8, 2015

Blaine Gabbert 'Real American' video

Welcome to the heart of the offseason. When we find videos like this to share. I stumbled across this at the 49ers sub-Reddit, courtesy of 2182much. It is one of those randomly amusing things that I just get a kick out of for the sheer randomness of it. Blaine Gabbert ideally will spend most of the season on the sideline, but in the meantime, he does still have some fans.T his video is a little older, but I bet there are some folks that are convinced he still has not gotten a sufficiently fair shake. And so, videos like this come along. There's a lot of great random videos on YouTube, but...

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