1:12 PM EDT, Sat June 24, 2017
Giants' Collins and Jacobs talk celebrity softball game

Giants' Collins and Jacobs talk celebrity softball game

Landon Collins and Brandon Jacobs discuss who the ringers may be on their respective teams pitting current and former Giants against one another in the Landon Collins Celebrity Softball Game on Friday night in Pomona, N.Y.        

Brandon Jacobs says Jim Harbaugh knows nothing about football

Former NFL running back Brandon Jacobs made some interesting comments recently about Jim Harbaugh on CBS Radio. As you may remember, Jacobs briefly played for the 49ers in 2012, the season they went to the Super Bowl. Here’s what Jacobs said: “Going somewhere where they don’t have route conversions into certain coverages was just absurd. They’re just running routes in the defense, getting people killed. Size and strength is what they had,...
Newsday May 29, 2017

Brandon Jacobs renews feud with Jim Harbaugh

Brandon Jacobs' feud with Jim Harbaugh began, as close as anyone can tell, when the former Giants running back played part of one season under the coach with the 49ers in 2012.

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