1:21 AM EST, Fri January 30, 2015

President Obama on controversial call in Cowboys game: ‘If I was a Lions fan I’d be pretty aggravated’

President Barack Obama sympathizes with Detroit Lions fans after seeing the play that was overturned during Sunday’s Cowboys victory at AT&T Stadium. Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens was called for pass interference after defending a third-and-1 throw to Detroit’s Brandon Pettigrew
Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford wired for sound, reacts to flag pickup

Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford wired for sound, reacts to flag pickup

Matthew Stafford was wired for sound for Sunday's loss to the Dallas Cowboys. So imagine what the Lions quarterback had to say when the penalty flag was picked up in the Anthony Hitchens-Brandon Pettigrew pass interference fiasco. Wait, you don’t have to imagine. CBSsports.com reported on Stafford’s reaction today, prior to tonight’s “The NFL on Showtime” which will air the sequence at 9 p.m. According to CBSsports.com, Stafford’s discussion went like this: “That's unbelievable ... and you know it. You know it is, though. ... How does that get overturned? ......
Boston Herald Jan 6, 2015
Borges: Reversal of misfortune

Borges: Reversal of misfortune

Let’s start by doing something NFL referee Pete Morelli did not do Sunday in Dallas. Let’s get one thing straight. Actually, let’s get four things straight.First, Cowboys’ linebacker Anthony Hitchens committed pass interference on a pivotal third-and-1 play in the fourth quarter of Dallas’ 24-20 victory over the Detroit Lions.Second, he also committed defensive holding.Third, he also made illegal contact with tight end Brandon Pettigrew with the ball in the air. That’s the trifecta of pass coverage sins, both venial and mortal.
Blogging The Boys Jan 5, 2015

Cowboys Playoff Victory: Breaking Down The Pass Interference Non-Call

Whining about a non-call is just an excuse. It seems all non-Cowboys fans want to talk about is the non-call of pass interference on Anthony Hitchens while covering Brandon Pettigrew late in the fourth quarter of the Cowboys/Lions playoff game. Fine. We'll talk about it, but we won't talk about it in a vacuum, we'll talk about it in context of the game. First of all, was it pass interference? Yes, on both players! It's funny how no one, except a few rational individuals, seem to notice that Brandon Pettigrew grabbed Anthony Hitchens' facemask on the play. For a really precise breakdown of...
Detroit Lions lose turnover battle and the game

Detroit Lions lose turnover battle and the game

Much has been made about the flag that was picked up by officials after they called defensive pass interference in the Lions’ 24-20 loss to the Cowboys on Sunday. Anthony Hitchens was flagged for pass interference on the Lions’ tight end Brandon Pettigrew. The officials could have thrown in defensive holding too since he tugged on Pettigrew’s jersey. Also Dez Bryant ran onto the field to argue the call with the officials without his helmet. That could have been a 15-yard penalty in itself. But let’s forget all of that for a second (try if you can). The Lions lost for a few...

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