1:32 AM EDT, Wed June 01, 2016

Miller Park to host special dinner for Brett Favre

The City of Milwaukee will host former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre for a celebratory dinner open to the public later this summer.
CSN Baltimore May 17, 2016

Bryce Harper (and his hair) hang with Jon Gruden and Brett Favre

Bryce Harper, Jon Gruden and Brett Favre meet up in New York. No, this isnt the beginning of a shoddy joke; this was something that
Cat Scratch Reader May 11, 2016

How About We Try That Again?

Sigh... When I was young my Saturday mornings started early. Before I had gotten the sleep out of my eyes, I had Pop Tarts in my lap, a Nintendo 64 controller in my hand, and Recess on the television. While TJ Detweiler was shenanigizing in elementary school, I was queuing up a game of Madden 2002. The match-up would always be the same: Packers—Seahawks. I wasn't looking to play to my fandom, my goal was simply to win a game. I was looking for the largest ratings discrepancy, and I knew the Packers were great. Plus...Brett Favre. Obviously. I'm not some Madden 2002 apologist; I can admit...

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