9:22 AM EDT, Sat August 27, 2016
Field Gulls Aug 4, 2016

Coffee and Cigarettes: Early Training Camp Standouts, and other Seahawks news

Read! You can watch the Seahawks training camp live starting at 10 AM PST by clicking this link. WATCH: #SeahawksCamp On Demand | Seattle SeahawksDid you miss Seahawks.com's live coverage of training camp? We'll post each segment in full right here as it becomes available following practice. What Do Cassius Marsh & Brian Urlacher Have In Common? - Hawk Blogger Michael Bennett: The Seahawks are the Google of the NFL | The Seattle Times Seahawk Michael Bennett calls Jay Cutler the worst quarterback in the NFL and says the Seahawks are like the "Google of the NFL'' in a new ESPN story. ...
Windy City Gridiron Aug 2, 2016

Who should be the next Chicago Bears player to enter the Hall of Fame?

Elliot Harrison, NFL Media analyst for NFL.com, recently gave his take on which player from all 32 teams should be the next from their franchise to be honored with enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. Before I scrolled down to his Chicago Bears pick, I just assumed it would be 8 time Pro Bowler Brian Urlacher or 7 time Pro Bowler Lance Briggs. Or maybe even the recently retired Charles Tillman. I was pleasantly surprised when Harrison went old school and picked defensive tackle Steve “Mongo” McMichael. I’ve always thought Mongo was underrated, but I understood him being...