11:23 PM EDT, Mon August 03, 2015

Cam Newton makes cameo at flag football tourney

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has played a lot of football since signing his $103 million extension last month -- some of it with the Panthers. Two weeks after practicing with an Australian Rules Football team during a Gatorade athlete...
Cat Scratch Reader Jul 11, 2015

Panthers 2014 Game 2 Flashback: Panthers 24 Lions 7

Cam Newton's 2014 season debut ended up being the high point of the early season schedule. At the time we knew the Lion's had a good offense but it was only later in the season the Lion defense put it all together and emerged as a force to reckon with. The Lion defense ended up 4th in the league in the yards per game (325) and 3rd in points (17.6) for the season. Yet the defense could not overcome errors by the offense in this one. The first half was a defensive struggle as the Panthers shut out the Lions thanks to a rare Megatron drop in the end zone and a key forced fumble in the red...
Cat Scratch Reader Jul 10, 2015

Carolina Panthers Film Analysis: Cam Newton as a power runner

All-22 film analysis of Cam Newton as a power runner. A closer look at QB Power, and the Inverted Veer. Cam Newton is the best power running quarterback in the NFL. His elite size and athletic ability has allowed him to thrive in the Panthers’ creative offensive scheme, which is designed to make the most of Newton’s abilities as a power runner. One of the Panthers’ most popular designed runs for Newton is "QB Power", which is a slight variation of the classic "Power O" run play, which is the most popular play in all of football. Power O is basically a gap (man to man blocking) run...
Cat Scratch Reader Jul 8, 2015

Panthers 2014 Season Flashback: Steelers 37 Panthers 19

Oi. You may want to grab a stiff drink before reading this. I'll wait. Okay, deep breath, everyone. Inhale...(1-2-3)...exhale. Ready? Let's dive right in, then. This was the first game last season the Panthers lost and showed some serious flaws. After Derek Anderson led the Panthers past the Bucs and Cam Newton returned to help beat the Lions, Panther Nation was flying high. 2-0, no turnovers in the first two games, that Greg Hardy mess should be over soon, things are looking good. Then Panthers ran into, as James put it, a buzzsaw. If you are a glutton for punishment and want to watch...
Cat Scratch Reader Jul 7, 2015

Cam Newton scares Aussie Rules players after being asked to 'throw a hard one'

Careful when you ask @CameronNewton to throw a hard one with his off-season arm @BrettDeledio03 @Panthers pic.twitter.com/tNCZK4DNBs — Richmond FC (@Richmond_FC) July 6, 2015 Cam Newton being in Australia continues to be a confluence of my interests. On Tuesday he was training with the Richmond Tigers AFL team when the players made a big mistake. After a few games of catch they asked him to "throw a hard one," then became terrified by the result. The whole thing is hilarious. Basically everyone is running for cover when it hits the back wall like a missile and the sound is just...
Cat Scratch Reader Jul 6, 2015

Cam Newton talks life in the NFL, 'Deflategate' with Australian radio

Cam Newton has gone Down Under. Be still my beating heart. The Panthers' quarterback spent some time in Melbourne this week and had a chance to attend an Aussie Rules game. Newton sat down with Triple M radio to answer a whole host of questions. listen to ‘NFL Superstar Cameron Newton’ on audioBoom Newton is in Australia as part of his agreement with Gatorade and learned that Aussie footballs are pretty slippery. Cam was also asked about this concept of "playing smarter" and balancing that against using his natural tools. That will be an interesting concept moving forward. Weighing...

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