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When will Jameis Winston be the best quarterback in the NFC South?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been operating in a franchise-quarterback-infested environment for nearly a decade now. Drew Brees was the first sign of consistent quality quarterback play in the NFC South, soon joined by Matt Ryan and then Cam Newton. Aside from one brief year of Josh Freeman's existence, the Bucs have been at the bottom of the quarterback scale for most of that decade. If we can believe ESPN, that's going to continue to be the case for quite some time. Recently, they asked what it would take for Cam Newton to be the best quarterback in the division by rising above Drew...
Cat Scratch Reader Jun 28, 2015

10 Incentive Bonuses All NFL Contracts Should Include

Cam Newton's contract extension included some pretty standard incentive bonuses. It's time the NFL thought a little more creatively on the types of plays that generate the biggest payouts. When Cam Newton signed his five-year $103 million extension, the contract included his base salary and a signing bonus, but it also included several workout bonuses. The workout incentives were apparently designed to motivate Cam to spend his offseasons in the gym instead watching Netflix and eating Cheetos like the rest of us bums. Outside of workout bonuses, most incentive payouts in NFL contracts are...
Cat Scratch Reader Jun 23, 2015

Cam Newton visits families of Charleston shooting victims

The Carolina Panthers aren't shying away from the tragedy that happened in their back yard last week. Jerry Richardson stepped up to the plate by donating $100,000 to families to help in their time of need, and now Cam Newton is doing his part. Big ups to my man @CameronNewton for reaching out to me and coming to pay his respects to my bro! #ClassAct pic.twitter.com/JfYm0IJw3A — Rashard Alston (@shadxavier5) June 22, 2015 The Panthers wouldn't talk about the donations when asked, and Newton is following suit. When asked about meeting the families he refused to answer questions on the...
Times-Picayune Jun 22, 2015
Panthers' Cam Newton jokes about Tom Brady with underinflated ball

Panthers' Cam Newton jokes about Tom Brady with underinflated ball

Newton, holding what seems to be an underinflated ball, turns in the direction of the camera and says, "What is that, Tom Brady?"

Cam Newton cracks Tom Brady Deflategate joke

Always one to try to draw a smile out of someone, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton cracked a topical Deflategate joke at the expense of Tom Brady during the weekend. In a Vine shot this weekend at Newton’s QB Skills Challenge...
Cat Scratch Reader Jun 13, 2015

Bo Jackson Calls Out the Cam Haters

Cam Newton doesn't need a fairy Godmother to protect him, he has better. He has Bo Jackson. Once again Jackson rose to Newton's defense in typical Bo Jackson fashion. Bo Jackson on Cam Newton Critics: "Those Are Haters" - BBR "Those are haters. Those are haters. Those people that are poking holes in his game, come put on a uniform and try to do what he do. Period. Bottom line," Jackson said. "It’s easy to sit there on your sofa and drink a beer and eat peanuts and criticize somebody. Get your lazy ass up and go out there and try to play. End of question. End of story." So there you...
Cat Scratch Reader Jun 13, 2015

Cam Newton continues fashion trend with prickly gold loafers

These are the shoes Cam Newton is wearing tonight for his Foundation benefit. Somewhere Dante Fowler smiles pic.twitter.com/vkmJDJ6MjP — trey wingo (@wingoz) June 13, 2015 Here's the thing about fashion: Everything looks stupid if you can't pull it off, but Cam Newton is the kind of a dude who can. That caveat aside he probably will get plenty of criticism for these new shoes -- which look like something David Bowie would wear in The Labyrinth. Nonetheless, he's owning it -- and who's going to call out the 100 million dollar man.
Panthers Gab Jun 11, 2015

Cam and His Cam-Do Attitude

In 2014, the question was asked by Sports Illustrated to LB Luke Kuechly, “In one word, describe QB Cam Newton.” “Character,” was the word given to describe the influential leader of the Carolina Panthers. “You cant describe that guy in one word,” says Kuechly, “That’s what makes him tough, he’s bright, he’s smiling, he’s having […]
Cat Scratch Reader Jun 9, 2015

Cam Newton is still being targeted by NFL pejoratives, for some reason

The sky is blue, water is wet and Cam Newton is an easy target for NFL writers looking to make a statement. The Panthers quarterback is back on everyone's mind after signing a new contract, and predictably it's become time to make another comment about his personality. Andy Benoit took over Peter King's mantle to write this week's "10 things I think" on the MMQB, and surprise, surprise Newton slotted in at No. 8. Critiquing the contract is fine, and Benoit supported the idea of paying Cam despite saying he's "inconsistent in his mechanics and decision making," but it's this line that caught...
Cat Scratch Reader Jun 8, 2015

Why Cam Newton's Degree Matters

Lost in the chatter of Cam Newton's contract extension was the fact he became an alumnus of Auburn. I think the one thing many of us here at CSR can agree on is that Cam Newton is the best thing that has happened to this organization. In a time where scandal rocks the NFL almost every day, Newton has stayed on the right side of pretty much everything. Despite some trying to criticize his demeanor, or cut him and his ability down to size for whatever asinine reason, nothing has made Newton waiver in the slightest when it comes to his character. Now, Newton can add "college graduate" to his...
Cat Scratch Reader Jun 6, 2015

E60: Cam Newton - Revisiting the Story of the Panthers QB

I came across the two videos of Cam Newton and found them very entertaining so I had to share. It's video Saturday so grab some java and enjoy. The first of two parts: While we were at it here is his rookie highlights which got me started on these videos. At the four minute mark is the scramble against the Redskins that was the play that made me realize we had something special.
Field Gulls Jun 6, 2015

Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Saturday

Weekend! Cam Newton Will Take Up 9% of Carolina’s Cap Over His First DecadeFour years ago, I noted with some annoyance that the Carolina Panthers signed Olindo Mare to a 4-year, $12M deal, while at the same time signing Cam Newton to a 4-year, $22M contract. I was not a fan of the way rookies were treated under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, and the Mare/Newton situation was a perfect example of the problem. With the new rookie wage scale, the NFL had taken money that was going to go into Newton’s pocket and placed it into the wallets of players like Mare. FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS:...
Cat Scratch Reader Jun 5, 2015

NFL Live celebrated Cam Newton's contract with Lucky Charms and milk

Cam Newton is good for a single magical quote every time he takes to the podium. This time it was because of his comment about popping milk bottles and eating cereal to celebrate. The folks on ESPN's NFL Live decided to follow in Newton's footsteps. I, for one, completely support this. That said, this whole "mixing Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch" thing is really throwing me off. Have you tried Cam's cereal combo? I'm curious as to how it tasted. Forget Wheaties, this is the breakfast of champions. h/t r/panthers
Field Gulls Jun 5, 2015

Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Friday

Thank god it's TGIF! Single Season Yards From Scrimmage Over “Worst Starter” BaselineYesterday, we looked at the career leaders in yards from scrimmage over “worst starter.” Today, let’s look at the single-season list. The Panthers Just Gave Cam Newton $100 Million, But How Will They Protect Their Investment? «You could say that Cam Newton was smiling like someone who’d just (potentially) made more than $100 million, but really, he was smiling the way Cam Newton is always smiling. After rumblings about a new deal started earlier this week, the Panthers finally handed Newton the...

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