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Bleeding Green Nation Apr 22, 2015

2015 NFL Mock Draft: Carolina Panthers draft Shaq Thompson

With the 25th overall pick in the 2015 Bleeding Green Nation community mock draft, Carolina Panthers GM AndyMcNabb selects ... Shaq Thompson, LB, Washington P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } The Panthers war room has just been notified they are on the clock. Ron Rivera looks around in dismay as his obvious choices of Jaelen Strong, Melvin Gordon, and Lael Collins have all come off the board. The needs of the Panthers are simple this year: Get some big bodies to protect Cam Newton (who was sacked some 40+ times in 2014) and draft as many Offensive weapons as possible. Last year Kelvin...
Cat Scratch Reader Apr 22, 2015

5 reasons the Panthers schedule is good and I can't work out why people are freaking out

The Carolina Panthers' 2015 schedule was released Tuesday night, and the vast majority of the Internet seems to think the team is facing an uphill battle. This doesn't make sense. Over here at Cat Scratch Reader we had a measured response to the schedule release, but this wasn't the case elsewhere. Heck, even NFL.com wrote about how hard it would be for Cam Newton and the Panthers to make a dent in the 2015 season, saying: "If Carolina isn't careful, they could be buried at midseason." It's odd to see so many think the Panthers are in trouble. Sure they could be buried at midseason, but so...

Newton, Kuechly among best sellers in merchandise

Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly are back on the list of the top 50 NFL players in sales for the second straight year. Based on sales of all officially licensed products by NFL Players Inc. from March 1, 2014 through...
Cat Scratch Reader Apr 18, 2015

Mocking the Depth: Pre-Draft Offense Edition

Let's take a look at how the Panthers overall roster stacks up, and what guys will be part of the 11 men starting on each side of the football. Last year I took a look at how individual position groupings might stack up come gameday, this time around I want to take a look at the overall roster. There's a lot of new faces that want to compete this year, along with the 2014 rookie class. That was an outstanding group, and now we have a better idea of where each guy's going to fit on the roster. Quarterbacks Predicted Starter: Cam Newton Backups: Derek Anderson, Joe Webb Not much to see...
Cat Scratch Reader Apr 6, 2015


whyEASTER"egg"HUNT? whenUcanEASTER"HEAD"HUNT!lol #KNOCK1NheadsOFF -1OVE A video posted by Cam Newton (@cameron1newton) on Apr 5, 2015 at 6:20pm PDT The idea of Cam Newton running and diving head-first at me is terrifying. If we're both in giant inflatable balls it just sounds awesome. Cam wasn't interested in an egg hunt, he was looking for something else: "whyEASTER"egg"HUNT? whenUcanEASTER"HEAD"HUNT!lol #KNOCK1NheadsOFF -1OVE" Now ... how long until this gets spinned as Cam "not being mature"?
Cat Scratch Reader Apr 3, 2015

Will Cam Newton Win A Title?

What happens win you play a game that includes Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers on national radio? You get the same old narrative we've come to expect. Allow me to set the record straight for all you media pundits out there. Yesterday I just so happened to be listening to a well known nationally syndicated sports show when the host was playing a game with his assistant producer. The producer would name a player from any sport who had yet to win a title and the host would give his opinion of whether or not he believed this high profile name would eventually win a championship. Kevin...
Cat Scratch Reader Apr 1, 2015

What can't Cam Newton do?

Editor's note: none of this is real. It is all very, very stupid. Cam Newton is set to star in a TV series adapted from very obscure Bob Seger fanfiction. I know what you're thinking. Cam Newton doesn't look anything like the sweet, soulful Bob Seger. Well that's not a problem, says the original fanfic author and show creator, Mike Shula: "We thought about that, but here's the thing. The Seg is transcendent. He can't be bridled by things like race and physical appearances. He's free flowing, he's rushing waters, he's an ever transforming cloud as you're on your back in the grass next to...

Cam Newton makes cameo on Be Like Mike video

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton makes a cameo appearance in Gatorade's new "Be Like Mike" video, a tribute to NBA legend and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan. Considering Newton and Jordan are both Gatorade pitch men, as well as neighbors...
Cat Scratch Reader Apr 1, 2015

Report: Panthers Targeting Mariota

Reports have surfaced that the Carolina Panthers are indeed targeting Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. According to Adam Schefter, the Panthers are indeed looking for a trade partner in the top 10 to potentially move up for Marcus Mariota. There had been prior rumblings that the Panthers who, after the addition of their compensatory picks, have enough ammo to make a significant move in the draft. Schefter's recent tweet indicates such a plan may be in place: The question this immediate raises is, what about Cam Newton? We know that his contract is up after this season, and that no...
Cat Scratch Reader Mar 31, 2015

Schoolyard Hot-Takes: Cam Newton gets Indian Burns

Your mom is a running back. As a starting NFL quarterback, Cam Newton is subject to constant criticism and very little in the way of praise. It is a plague that has followed him from his college days all the way until now. But through it all, Cam Newton has always done pretty well with kids. At least kids that don't want to take his starting job and become his mom's favorite quarterback. That all changed this week after a scathing editorial was released by a major player in the elementary school newspaper world. A hot take on the Carolina Panthers from my son's elementary school newspaper....
Cat Scratch Reader Mar 30, 2015

Cam Newton was pranked by his teammates ALL SEASON LONG

This is one of the better post-season stories we've heard about the Panthers' locker room, a prank that lasted a year. Cam Newton likes to know his teammates and running back Chris Ogbonnaya was happy to give him a lot of information -- all of which was false. Ogbonnaya and the rest of the Panthers convinced Newton the running back was a native Nigerian, complete with an accompanying accent to sell the ruse. In reality Ogbonnaya was born in Missouri City, Texas. His father is from Nigeria, and he has a family background from the country, but that's about it. TMZ spoke with the running back...
Newark Star-Ledger Mar 30, 2015
Giants running back Chris Ogbonnaya reveals hilarious prank on former teammate Cam Newton

Giants running back Chris Ogbonnaya reveals hilarious prank on former teammate Cam Newton

Chris Ogbonnaya led his former Panthers teammate Cam Newton to believe he was from Nigeria.
Panthers Gab Mar 24, 2015

Kony Ealy –Replacing Greg Hardy

Last year in Spartanburg, at the Panthers training camp, Ealy was still figuring things out. In fact, QB Cam Newton was giving the new DE an earful–challenging the rookie to play to all of his potential. At the end of last season, Ealy grew into his role, and since then hasn’t looked back. He now […]

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