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Tennessee Titans News Links: Another Departure

Your daily serving of Titan linkage! Don McLachlan resigns from the Titans after 24 years of serving in the organization. He was the highest non-football member of the team. The Titans were going to fire McLachlan, so he resigned, writes Paul Kuharsky. The Titans and Tommy Smith are focused on change, but what is that change? Charlie Whitehurst and Dexter McCluster have money that locks into their contracts come March. The Titans will most likely keep both, and that is fine unless they are planning on drafting a QB, as Charlie Whitehurst is fine as a backup, but would be overcompensated as...
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NFL Draft rumors: Tennessee Titans not interested in quarterbacks?

More good news for Leonard Williams fans. The Tennessean is reporting that it looks more and more likely that the Titans won't take a quarterback with the second overall pick. "Early indications are the Titans are leaning toward giving Mettenberger a chance to prove himself as the full-time starter rather than drafting Winston or Mariota with the second pick. Mettenberger, a sixth-round pick last year, started six games as a rookie while Jake Locker and Charlie Whitehurst started the other games." I encourage everyone to read the full story as Jim Wyatt does a great job breaking down...

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