4:26 AM EDT, Fri October 31, 2014
Washington Post Oct 22, 2014

DC Sports Bog: Chris Cooley: Alfred Morris was a D+ player against Tennessee

For more than a year now, Chris Cooley has provided weekly film breakdowns of the Redskins’ performance. The reviews are often unkind, especially when the team loses badly. But this became a bit of a thing last week, when Cooley harshly assessed DeSean Jackson’s performance against the Cardinals. Read full article >>
Hogs Haven Oct 22, 2014

Permanent Switch to the 4-3 Needs to Happen for Redskins

Experiment some with personell this year. Make the switch full-time for next season. Yes, one way or another, the switch back to the 4-3 defensive needs to happen, and here is why. As the great, immortal, flamboyant, out-spoke, all-inspiring, penis-showing, pottery-molding future hall of famer Chris Cooley has so eliquently pointed out, our defensive linemen are unable to get any penetration(I'm sure you don't have any problem with this Chris). It's time to shed the weight(and contracts) of guys like Stephen Bowen, Jarvis Jenkins, and even Barry Cofield, in favor of the smaller, quicker...
Express-Times Oct 16, 2014

DeSean Jackson ripped by former Redskins player Chris Cooley for being a horrible blocker

Cooley feels that Jackson's effort in blocking has been -- to put it kindly -- limited at best.

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