10:24 PM EST, Sat November 28, 2015
Washington Post Nov 24, 2015

Chris Cooley says Kirk Cousins has been told he's not getting benched

Redskins analyst says quarterback could throw five picks and still not get benched.
Washington Post Nov 23, 2015

Chris Cooley says penalty on Chris Culliver was the worst call of the NFL season

Redskins radio analyst says Greg Olsen was not a defenseless receiver, and controversial penalty was 'absolutely nonsense.'
Washington Post Nov 19, 2015

Chris Cooley would take Jamison Crowder over Stefon Diggs

Redskins analyst says rookie from Duke is currently Washington's best wide receiver, and has a ceiling as the NFL's next Wes Welker.
CSN Washington Nov 16, 2015

Someone misidentified Redskins running back Chris Thompson as a fan

Redskins tailback Chris Thompson said on Twitter Monday that someone thought he was a fan of the team. Awkward.
Washington Post Oct 29, 2015

Chris Cooley says don't be afraid to believe in Kirk Cousins

Many Redskins fans are filled with indecision about the QB. Cooley says go ahead and decide.
Washington Post Oct 29, 2015

Redskins at the bye: Five things we've learned on defense

Here are five things we’ve learned about the defense during the first half of the season.
Washington Post Oct 29, 2015

Projecting the Redskins' record following the bye week

How will the rest of the season play out for the Redskins?
Washington Post Oct 29, 2015

A closer look at why the Redskins' Alfred Morris is struggling

The running back isn't having his best year. There are several factors, but one is simply tentative running.
Newsday Oct 29, 2015

Nick Mangold on neck injury: 'It was a scary time'

This time it was different.

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