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Jul 21, 2014
ESPN Fantasy Football
ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell joins Sal Paolantonio to discuss C.J. Spiller's health and fantasy value for 2014.

Spiller on change needed for division games

The Bills have found it hard to compete for a division title in the AFC East as New England has largely ruled the division for the better part of the last dozen years. Buffalo usually plays all their division opponents tough, until some unfortunate play happens and the floodgates seem to open. C.J. Spiller knows […]
FFChamps.com Jul 16, 2014

Bills Coaches Talking Up CJ Spiller Again

According to buffalobills.com, C.J. Spiller is likely to touch the ball 20 times per game if the offense is operating at peak efficiency. Fantasy Spin: The Bills also said last year that Spiller would get the ball until he threw up and then gave him 15.7 touches per game, so we arent buying hes going to be a 320-touches-per-year guy even if hes 100 percent healthy. Fred Jackson is still around to steal third-down work and goal-line carries and the Bills added Bryce Brown in case the 33-year-old Jackson finally hits a wall. At most, Spiller will get 275 touches this season. Hes being drafted...

Why C.J.’s 2013 injury hurt his game so much

Last season when C.J. Spiller played his way through a very painful high ankle sprain, some outside observers couldn’t understand why his game was so negatively impacted when other backs in the league in recent years didn’t struggle as much to maintain their productivity. Spiller explained why a high ankle sprain is probably the worst […]
KFFL Jul 15, 2014

Bills | More touches for C.J. Spiller

Buffalo Bills RB C.J. Spiller ...
FFToday Jul 14, 2014

Spiller to average 20 touches?

Bills less concerned about RB depth in 2014 The bell cow in this quartet, however, is still expected to be C.J. Spiller. After spending a year working with Spiller and understanding where he really excels and how diversified his game can be, OC Nathaniel Hackett is confident he can maximize Spiller's talents for the offense. And now with an extra pair of backs (as well as Fred Jackson) he can freely maneuver Spiller to any position on the field. If the offense is operating at peak efficiency, Spiller is likely to touch the ball 20 times a game, they just won't all be carries out of...
Rotoworld Jul 14, 2014

Bills site: Ideally, Spiller gets 20 touches - C.J. Spiller (RB) Buffalo Bills

According to the Bills' official website, C.J. Spiller is likely to touch the ball 20 times per game if the offense is operating at peak efficiency.

Spiller senses big jump for run game in year 2

In our Camp Countdown on Buffalobills.com we profiled how offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett will take advantage of the team’s running back depth with Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon now lined up behind Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller on the depth chart. Spiller senses that after a year of experience in the system for most of […]
Buffalo Rumblings Jul 5, 2014

C.J. Spiller stats: were the Bills too easy to game plan for in 2013?

C.J. Spiller was banged up in 2013, but the Bills wanted to make sure he got his touches anyway - and ultimately, that made Spiller one of the easiest players to game plan for in the NFL last season. As Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller was working through an ankle injury, a decline in productivity, and the shattered expectations of fantasy football owners in 2013, Bills fans quietly and sporadically wondered if the decline was due not just to injury, but to a high degree of predictability that Spiller would end up with the ball when he was on the field. It turns out that that theory...
ESPN Fantasy Football Jun 24, 2014

Fantasy Now: Trent Richardson vs. C.J. Spiller

Trent Richardson and C.J. Spiller are coming off disappointing 2013 seasons; which one should you own in 2014?
Buffalo Rumblings Jun 24, 2014

Ten Buffalo Bills to decide 2014, No. 10: C.J. Spiller

The Bills are developing an identity on offense, and it is critically important that they find a way to feature C.J. Spiller in that attack and maximize his potential. It is well past time that C.J. Spiller, the No. 9 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, becomes a centerpiece for the Buffalo Bills' offense - and that the Bills finally understand that "centerpiece" does not need to mean "workhorse." Spiller enters the 2014 season as one of the most-discussed players on the Bills' roster, and not just because he is among the team's most recognizable faces; it's because, now more than four...

C.J. listed among most unstoppable

Bills RB C.J. Spiller looked like his game breaking, elusive self in OTAs and minicamp this spring. Back fully healthy Spiller is again poised to be a difference making talent for Buffalo in 2014. And NFL.com’s Gil Brandt is taking notice. Brandt listed Spiller as one of his 11 unstoppable talents in the league, which […]

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