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The MMQB | SI.com 7 hours ago

Colin Kaepernick Needs To Let His Voice Be Heard

Silent all offseason, the unemployed quarterback has created a vacuum that is being filled with tweets, opinions and teams wondering just how committed he is. Here's why Kaepernick should speak up. Plus notes on the rookie QBs, Derek Carr’s contract and the NFL link to the NBA champ

Kaepernick compares police to runaway-slave patrollers

Colin Kaepernick compared police officers to fugitive slave patrolmen in the wake of a jury verdict acquitting a Minnesota officer in the shooting death of a black motorist.
Niners Nation Jun 19, 2017
Colin Kaepernick tweeted comparison of police to slave patrols

Colin Kaepernick tweeted comparison of police to slave patrols

People are reacting as one might expect, but it’s worth digging a little deeper. Over the past 16 months, Colin Kaepernick has had plenty to say on social media and in press conferences about the state of affairs for black people in America. Dating back to early 2016, he has regularly posted on social media about issues with police in America, and of course, we all know about his protest this past season in which he and other players took a knee during the National Anthem (if you missed it, let me know what rock you were buried under). Over the weekend, he posted this tweet, comparing...
Bucs Nation Jun 19, 2017
Daily Bucs Links: Injury concerns

Daily Bucs Links: Injury concerns

On defensive injury concerns, and more. Peter King on Randy Moss, NFL Equality, Commencement | The MMQB with Peter KingHow the Vikings went from ‘the biggest mistake they ever made’ to now honoring their former mercurial receiver, with the help of an old friend. Plus more on NFL team leadership progress, a stunning Colin Kaepernick stat and the wise words heard at college graduation ceremonies this year Eric Decker signs with Titans, giving Marcus Mariota another new target in 2017 - SBNation.comDecker will continue his career with Tennessee. Buccaneers.com Week in Review, June...
Niners Nation Jun 19, 2017
Golden Nuggets: Our QB coach is 1 of 5 current QB coaches without a Wikipedia page

Golden Nuggets: Our QB coach is 1 of 5 current QB coaches without a Wikipedia page

A daily compilation of 49ers news from about the web. Monday, June 19th, 2017 edition. Regards, friends, I’ll lead off with the low hanging fruit - a Florio article on Kaepernick. It’s purpose is to ruin the start of everyone’s week, which is just uncalled for. The article itself isn’t really that incendiary, it’s just... the monsters in the comment section there shred both the embattled quarterback and the embattled writer to pieces. Anyway, David Bonilla put together an article using quotes from a Friday podcast interview in which Kyle Shanahan spoke to the intersection of long...

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