6:31 PM EDT, Thu May 26, 2016
Blogging The Boys May 10, 2016

Six Biggest Losers From The 2016 Dallas Cowboys Draft

It wasn't all unicorns and rainbows for some Cowboys players this offseason. The draft is always an exciting time for us fans because we see an influx of new players with great potential. A new rookie class and a new free agent class always brings the promise of an improved team performance that could see the team make the playoffs and see the veterans receive individual accolades and post-season honors. For others, the new players are an immediate threat to their job security. Here's who I think the biggest losers from draft weekend are. Darren McFadden Imagine you're Darren McFadden....
Blogging The Boys May 8, 2016

Cowboys 2016 Season: The Ezekiel Elliott Factor Pt 2 - The Film

Wherein we breakdown Ezekiel Elliott game film to see what, exactly, he adds to the Dallas rushing attack over and above what they have now. [Ed. Note: Heavy GIFs coming, be patient while they load] In my last piece, we attempted to identify possible areas for improvement in the Dallas run game. Given that the Cowboys were ranked ninth in the NFL, this was a pretty hard task. One thing that 2015 definitively showed was that the Dallas Cowboys offensive line meant more to DeMarco Murray than he meant to them. Another was that Darren McFadden is still a viable NFL back. But despite these...
Blogging The Boys May 6, 2016

Back To The Future? How The Cowboys May Be Exploiting NFL Trends With The Running Game

A lot of questions have been raised by Dallas drafting Ezekiel Elliott. Maybe this is one answer as to why they did so. It was a subject of much debate before the draft and continues to be so. Why spend a fourth-round pick on Ezekiel Elliott when the running back position is so devalued in the pass-addicted NFL? Since the Dallas Cowboys were able to mount a successful running game with Darren McFadden, whose skill set is not a good fit for what the team prefers to do, couldn't they have gotten a good running back later in the draft and better spent the draft capital elsewhere? Why would...

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