2:43 AM EDT, Thu June 30, 2016

Analyzing Steelers free agents in 2017, and potential replacements for those players (Offensive Edition)

A large number of players in the black and gold have contracts that expire in 2017 for the Steelers. On the occasion that Pittsburgh can't, or doesn't want to, renew them, can free agency provide any solutions? The recent talk over Le'Veon Bell's contract has caused some concern with Pittsburgh Steelers fans. What if Pittsburgh can't retain him? Who could Pittsburgh sign to fill that gap? What about DeAngelo Williams? Once you take a look at the high number of contracts that are up for renewal in 2017, alongside Bell's, this becomes a deeper issue - running back is not the only position...
Beaver County Times Jun 15, 2016

Two star running backs is one problem Steelers like having

Last season, DeAngelo Williams showed he still has game at 33. Le'Veon Bell is arguably the best running back, if not the most complete. Getting both on the field is one problem the Steelers like to have.

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