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Tony Romo Pretty Much Owns The NFC East

You might surprised how successful Tony Romo has been against the NFC East, and how bad the Cowboys have been without him. Tony Romo has won six of his last seven games against the New York Giants, dating all the way back to 2012. The Giants' sole win against Tony Romo since 2012 came on 10/28/2012 and they needed Dez Bryant's fingertips to land out of bounds to win that one. The Eagles' record against Romo is a similarly lopsided: Tony Romo won five of the six games he's played against Philly since 2012. The Eagles' only win came on Thanksgiving in 2014, when the Eagles...
Blogging The Boys Jun 26, 2016

Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Why Cowboys Can Start The Season 5-0

Latest Cowboys headlines: Cowboys among teams with most favorable schedule; why Claiborne is so important for Cowboys' secondary; Byron Jones poised to make a leap. NFL: 5 Teams That Could Start the 2016 Season 5-0 - Jeff Smith, Cheatsheet.comSmith lists five teams he thinks could start the season with five consecutive wins, and the Cowboys sit atop that list, ahead of the Colts, Raiders, Cardinals, Seahawks. Here's why. First five games: vs. Giants, at Redskins, vs. Bears, at 49ers, vs. Bengals The good news for Dallas is that they get the Giants and Bengals both at home, which makes...
Blogging The Boys Jun 24, 2016

Is There Even A Spot For Lance Dunbar On The Cowboys Roster?

Lance Dunbar faces a tough task in remaining on the Cowboys roster in 2016. The first two weeks of the 2015 season did not start well for the Dallas Cowboys. Losing their No. 1 offensive weapon (Dez Bryant) in Week 1 and their starting quarterback (Tony Romo) in Week 2, the Cowboys struggled to move the football and score points with consistency. Because of the lack of impact at the quarterback position, defenses would load the box on the Cowboys to stop the running game because they knew that the chances of Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel beating them were low. Nevertheless, one of Dallas'...
Blogging The Boys Jun 20, 2016

If Terrance Williams Succeeds In 2016, Will That End His Tenure In Dallas?

A productive Terrance Williams would be huge for the Dallas Cowboys. When the Dallas Cowboys drafted Terrance Williams in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft, there was a strategy that the combination of Dez Bryant and Williams would be deadly. In his rookie season, Williams came into the league firing on all cylinders, immediately establishing himself as a top contributor to this offense. Williams’ rookie campaign ultimately led to the Cowboys going a separate direction from Miles Austin. In spite of that initial success, Williams has also been an enigmatic receiver. There are times...
Blogging The Boys Jun 19, 2016

Dallas Cowboys News: "When Healthy, Cowboys Have One Of Best Triplets In Football."

Latest Cowboys headlines: Tony Romo says he feels great; Ladainian Tomlinson believes Elliot will be special; Michael Irvin has no doubt Dez Bryant will be himself again. Bill Barnwell ranks NFL offensive triplets all 32 teams - Bill Barnwell, ESPNBarnwell ranks all 32 teams' set of offensive triplets, with the Steelers and Patriots earning top honors, but the Cowboys are not far behind. 6. Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, RB Ezekiel Elliott, WR Dez Bryant Here's the difference between basing expectations on players staying healthy and players suffering a typical amount of injury. We have...
Blogging The Boys Jun 15, 2016

Orlando Scandrick Brings Talent And A Little Something Extra To Cowboys Defense

The Cowboys will welcome the return of their best corner, and his swagger. A lot has changed in a year. While that is the narrative for most teams as they try to get themselves hyped for the new season, it becomes especially easy for Cowboys fans to buy into that type of assertion. After all, there are some new factors in 2016 that weren’t a part of the equation last season so there are a lot of different reasons to be excited about the upcoming season. For example… The return of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant The addition of Ezekiel Elliott The improvement of second-year players La’el...
Blogging The Boys Jun 13, 2016

Dallas Cowboys Offseason 2016: If The Cowboys Are To Be Successful, Who Has To Step Up?

Which Cowboys' players have to step up in 2016 to make sure another disaster doesn't take place? It's been a long offseason for everyone given that it realistically began on Thanksgiving after the Cowboys' went winless without Tony Romo and then tragedy struck again when he played on Turkey Day. We all know that Tony Romo is the pulse of this team and when you lose him and your All-Pro receiver Dez Bryant, things are going awry, to say the least. There has been a lot of things the organization has said to its fans over this offseason. They've committed even further to their offensive...
Blogging The Boys Jun 8, 2016

Cowboys News: Tony Romo Looking Good In OTAs, Rolando McClain Still A No Show

And more love for that first round draft pick from, well, everybody. Phillips: 5 Takes From OTAs, Including A Potential Breakout Player To Watch | Dallas Cowboys Despite the title, Rob Phillips actually has six things he brings up from the last day of media availability at the Dallas Cowboys OTAs. The bonus includes a tidbit on why we may have a chance to see a lot more from Brice Butler this season. Know how many snaps receiver Brice Butler got with Romo and Dez Bryant on the field simultaneously last season? Zero. Time and tinkering have Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo excited -...
Blogging The Boys Jun 7, 2016

Dez Bryant Not A Top-5 Cowboy? Setting The Record Straight On The Top-15 Dallas Cowboys

Yesterday we posted an article referencing Pro Football Focus' recent rankings of all 32 NFL rosters in terms of talent and depth. It was an interesting snapshot of the league based on one organization's advanced statistics mixed with a little contextual editing. It was just a fun, passing fancy meant for a particularly slow time in the offseason. But what caught my eye, and many others, was the part where PFF chose the top five players from each team. In particular, the Cowboys list which did not include Dez Bryant. It's hard to imagine a list of the top five Cowboys players without...
Blogging The Boys Jun 6, 2016

Cowboys Roster Ranking By Pro Football Focus Lands Just Outside The Top 10

A couple of weeks ago, NFL.com's Bucky Brooks ranked the Top 10 rosters in the NFL based on talent. In that post the Dallas Cowboys were number ten. This is in line with what many NFL observers believe, the Cowboys have the talent to be serious contenders in 2016 and that the 2015 season was an anomaly, a result of injuries to their two important cogs, Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. Of course talent isn't the only factor in a team's success. Coaching, chemistry, injuries and plain old luck can have a lot to do with a team's fortunes, but without talent none of the rest matters. It is the...
Blogging The Boys Jun 5, 2016

Cowboys News: Why Dez Bryant Makes Dallas Play "Better, Harder, Faster."

Latest Cowboys headlines: Dez Bryant among most valuable NFL pass catchers; early signs point to rebound season for Cowboys; Dallas could host a Super Bowl between 2022 and 2027. Dez Bryant, Julio Jones among most valuable pass catchers - Nate Burleson, NFL.comBurleson lists the top five most valuable pass catchers in the league, and to surprise of exactly nobody, Dez Bryant makes the list. Here's why: Looking back at 2015, it's no secret that the production of the Dallas Cowboys' offense was down when Bryant was in street clothes. When Dez did play, it was clear that the Cowboys were a...
Hogs Haven Jun 4, 2016

Pro Football Focus predicts Redskins will have same record as Cowboys

Pro Football Focus has released their 2016 season predictions, and has the Washington Redskins finishing as the seventh-best team in the NFC. The Redskins will share a 9-7 record with the Dallas Cowboys in this scenario, and miss the playoffs. Dallas wins the division with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant returning from injury, the addition of Ezekiel Elliot, and a prediction that the defense will improve despite injuries and multiple suspensions they are facing. The Redskins will finish with the same record that won them the NFC East in 2015, but PFF cites the lack of overall improvement to the...
Baltimore Beatdown Jun 3, 2016

Why haven’t any Baltimore Ravens been selected to the Top 100 yet?

The Ravens currently have zero players on this year's NFL Top 100. Zero The team's success plays a lot into how the rest of the league views the individual players on that team, as we can see from this year's NFL Top 100. Another factor that most definitely weighed into this year's list was injuries. Dez Bryant finished at #15 in 2015, but this year he is at #51. Andrew Luck finished at #7 in 2015, but dropped a whoppin' 85 spots to #92. Ravens fans could argue that there should be more players in the Top 100, however looking at players who made it last year: Elvis Dumervil was only able...
CSN New England Jun 2, 2016

Dez Bryant recovery timeline may not bode well for Edelman’s injury

Dez Bryant and Julian Edelman suffered similar foot injuries in 2015 and have gone through nearly identical steps to repair them for 2016.The biggest difference?
Blogging The Boys Jun 1, 2016

Were The Eagles Simulating The Cowboys In OTAs?

The Eagles were reportedly simulating Jason Witten and Dez Bryant in OTAs. The NFL is a copycat league. That's for sure. After the rise of the zone-read in 2012, thanks to quarterbacks like Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick, and Russell Wilson, it seemed that each NFL team adapted their own version of the zone-read. Because NFL organizations are continuously keeping tabs of other teams, it usually leads to each team copying something that works. When the Cowboys beefed up their offensive line and ran the football with success in 2014, it led to the team's best season in quite some time....

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