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Niners Nation May 2, 2015

Dez Bryant loves 49ers new alternate uniforms, Raiders troll 49ers on the uniforms

The San Francisco 49ers new alternate uniforms are drawing out all kinds of opinions. Two rivals each weighed in. The San Francisco 49ers unveiled their new alternate uniforms Thursday afternoon, and reaction was swift. There was a lot of vitriol flying around, but on the opposite end, some fans loved them. Black jerseys, particularly when it is not part of a team's tradition, will draw a lot of different reactions across the spectrum. One person who loved the new alternate jerseys was Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. He tweeted this out Friday afternoon: 49ers all black uniforms...
Dez Bryant vaguely congratulates Cowboys first round pick, proceeds to rip woman on Twitter

Dez Bryant vaguely congratulates Cowboys first round pick, proceeds to rip woman on Twitter

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Bob Sturm: If Cowboys want ‘compliant’ Dez Bryant, here’s what they need to do

Bob Sturm: If Cowboys want ‘compliant’ Dez Bryant, here’s what they need to do

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NFL Draft 2015: Breshad Perriman a 1st round lock, expert calls him a Dez Bryant-type receiver

Two NFL Draft experts predict former UCF receiver Breshad Perriman to go before the 20th pick in the 2015 draft.
Blogging The Boys Apr 26, 2015

Shocking Cowboys News! The Dez Bryant Video Has Still Not Been Located!

The video that will reveal all about the horrible and shocking events in the WalMart parking lot is still nowhere to be found! In a development that must come as a complete and total surprise to anyone who has just emerged from a several month long coma, the incriminating, no, absolutely damning video of the Dallas Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant has once again NOT BEEN FOUND! Those individuals who were unconscious or have not seen any of the many, many reports about this much sought after bit of surveillance last heard how it was going to be released at any time, like the next day, or the...
Blogging The Boys Apr 24, 2015

Cowboys 2015 Draft: Can Dallas Continue Its Recent Success In The Draft?

At best the draft, any draft in any sport, is a crap shoot. Sometimes you win big, sometimes you lose your shirt, and most of the time it is somewhere in the middle. One thing that most of us can agree on is that Dallas has done fairly well over the past few drafts. One might even go so far as to say that the Cowboys have exceeded expectations in recent years. In the last few years the team has selected Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith, Morris Claiborne, Travis Frederick, and Zach Martin during the first round. Four of the five have earned their keep and then some, earning league-wide recognition...
Blogging The Boys Apr 21, 2015

Cowboys News: Workout No Shows, A Running Back Who Wants To Come To Dallas, And John Mara Is Still Evil

The big news was who wasn't in Valley Ranch for the voluntary workouts, but there is a lot more to cover today. Cowboys Voluntary Offseason Workouts Start Today; Dez Bryant, Orlando Scandrick Not Attending - Blogging The Boys Our own Dave Halprin covered the essentials, and reminded us of an important detail concerning all this. So when reading these stories, keep in mind most of this is business as usual and that these workouts are voluntary. Cowboys Absentees Dez, Scandrick Talk ‘Contract Dispute’ - CBS Dallas / Fort Worth Of course, there will be a lot of discussion of the...
Blogging The Boys Apr 18, 2015

Dez Bryant Making Changes: More Turmoil, Or Just Getting His Life In Order?

The talented wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys is parting ways with his long-time adviser. We try to sort out what this really means for Bryant and the team. It was reported on Friday that Dez Bryant, in conjunction with the agents that he hired back in October, has taken steps to terminate the relationship he has had for several years with his personal adviser David Wells. While it is not unusual for professional athletes to make changes in their various business arrangements, this is getting a good bit of attention. First of all, he is a member of the Dallas Cowboys, arguably the most...
Blogging The Boys Apr 18, 2015

Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Dez Bryant Is Taking Care Of Business

Latest Cowboys headlines: Bryant's switch to new representation isn't going as smoothly as it could have; A good year to draft a corner; Emojis! Turmoil hits Dez Bryant’s inner circle; rift between old adviser, new agents clouds contract talks | Brandon George, Dallas Morning NewsBrandon George details how Dez Bryant has begun severing business ties with some longtime associates, and how that process hasn't been as smooth as it could have been. You'll have to read the entire article to get a picture of what is going on, but as you do, bear in mind that Bryant's old associates get a lot of...
Where does Dez Bryant rank among the NFL’s top wide receivers?

Where does Dez Bryant rank among the NFL’s top wide receivers?

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