3:49 AM EDT, Fri September 04, 2015
Bleeding Green Nation Aug 7, 2015

Donovan McNabb's Twitter seemingly got hacked and it was weird

Well this isn't good. It's no secret that Donovan McNabb's Twitter account is a little (OK, probably more than a little) goofy. With tweets like these ... Is it a must win for the Heat or the Spurs? β€” Donovan McNabb (@donovanjmcnabb) June 18, 2013 Could this be the end of Aaron Hernandez NFL career? Your thoughts? β€” Donovan McNabb (@donovanjmcnabb) June 26, 2013 Given the evidence that we've heard so far with the Aaron Hernandez trial do you find him innocent or guilty? β€” Donovan McNabb (@donovanjmcnabb) June 27, 2013 ... it's easy to see Donny isn't really meant for...

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