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Buffalo Rumblings Feb 13, 2019
Do the Buffalo Bills have a starting right tackle on the roster?

Do the Buffalo Bills have a starting right tackle on the roster?

The simple answer: NO. The complicated answer: Maybe? The Buffalo Bills allowed 41 sacks in 2018, and the ground game faltered, too, averaging only 3.6 yards per rush on non-Josh Allen running plays. A big reason for those terrible numbers was the poor play of Buffalo’s offensive line, a unit that lost three starters—C Eric Wood, LT Cordy Glenn, and LG Richie Incognito — and never recovered. One of only two returners on the line from the 2017 playoff team was right tackle Jordan Mills, a three-year starter with Buffalo who has not missed a game since the 2015 season. While it’s...
Buffalo Rumblings Feb 8, 2019
A free agent center should be a top priority for the Bills

A free agent center should be a top priority for the Bills

What better way to help a young quarterback than to give him a top-notch protector in the middle of his offensive line? From 2011-2017, the Buffalo Bills had only one center. Eric Wood, the team’s first-round draft choice in 2009, manned the pivot for the final seven years of his career. However, he began his professional career at another position: right guard. The reason? The center position is remarkably difficult for a young player to handle. If you remember the man who played center next to Wood for those first two years, then you’ll know that he wasn’t a phenomenal player, but...
Buffalo Rumblings Feb 4, 2019
Offensive linemen tops among Bills team needs

Offensive linemen tops among Bills team needs

If the Bills want to compete in 2019, they need to add some talent in the trenches The 2018 Buffalo Bills had a very different offense than the 2017 Buffalo Bills. Part of that difference was due to changes at the quarterback position, with rookie Josh Allen replacing departed veteran Tyrod Taylor as the primary signal caller; however, another big part of that difference came with the offensive line. Buffalo’s starting offensive line for the first week in 2017, from left to right, included Cordy Glenn, Richie Incognito, Eric Wood, Vladimir Ducasse, and Jordan Mills. In 2018, the same unit...

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