3:12 AM EDT, Sun May 24, 2015
Niners Nation May 20, 2015

Vernon Davis has some fun with Frank Gore on Instagram

It would appear Vernon Davis and Frank Gore are just busting each other's balls at this point. Stand down! Tuesday afternoon, Vernon Davis posted a picture to Instagram stating he missed football. A Frank Gore comment followed calling BS on that. I, along with plenty of others, was confused about the situation. Gore does not seem like the kind of guy who would air dirty laundry on social media. Gore later cleared the air in Davis's comments, saying he was just playing around with Vernon. While there might be some measure of truth to Gore's joke, it still is likely just a matter of busting...
Niners Nation May 19, 2015

Frank Gore appears to call out Vernon Davis on Instagram

It would appear so, although there could very well be some other context. If he is calling it out, this will certainly be something. Well, this is certainly something. Earlier today, Vernon Davis posted a photo to Instagram in which he said he missed football. It got a lot of the usual comments, but then it got really crazy really quick. In case you are not aware, fg2132 is Frank Gore's Instagram handle. After Davis posted his picture, Gore said "Thts bullshit u don't love the game @vernondavis85". It is entirely possible Gore is giving him some crap, but if not, this is certainly...
Niners Nation May 9, 2015

49ers draft picks: What Mike Davis means for the team's running backs

The San Francisco 49ers have a new running back in Mike Davis. What does it mean for the position? Somehow, Frank Gore joining the Indianapolis Colts is a lot less offensive to my senses than Frank Gore joining the Philadelphia Eagles, but it still doesn't feel great. The long-time San Francisco 49ers bell cow running back, Gore departed in free agency and it's not clear the 49ers ever made him any kind of serious offer. Seeing Gore in a Colts uniform doing his thing is going to be tough, but such is being a sports fan, yes? The 49ers made a calculated decision with Gore, and while I don't...
Niners Nation Apr 26, 2015

Frank Gore hanging with Joe Montana, Jerry Rice

Just three 49ers legends hanging out. Frank Gore posts some fun pictures on Instagram, and over the weekend he posted this picture with Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. The caption says "Family 4 life". This picture and caption are kind of fitting. Montana and Rice are at the top of virtually any list for greatest 49ers of all time, and Gore is not too far behind. More importantly, all three ended their careers with teams other than the 49ers. Joe Montana was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. Jerry Rice signed with the Oakland Raiders, and later briefly the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos....

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