6:40 AM EDT, Sat September 22, 2018
The Falcoholic Aug 22, 2018
Is Garrison Smith the year’s most surprising breakout candidate?

Is Garrison Smith the year’s most surprising breakout candidate?

SB Nation’s Stephen White seems to think so. Breakout candidates for the Falcons this year are numerous and varied, but you tend to see the same names being trotted out again and again. It’s Takkarist McKinley, Austin Hooper, maybe Grady Jarrett, or De’Vondre Campbell. Ho hum, right? I want a bold breakout candidate. Thankfully, former NFLer and current SB Nation analyst is here to shake things up in a major way. His breakout pick is none other than current fifth defensive tackle candidate Garrison Smith, of all people. Why? I’ll let White tell you why: At 6’1 and listed at a...

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