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Music City Miracles Aug 27, 2014

Tennessee Titans: Offensive Preseason Standouts

Which Titans have stood out through three pre-season games and camp, on the offensive side of the ball? Jake Locker The most obvious performer so far has been Jake Locker. The fourth year passer entered this past training camp with a future clouded in doubts. So far, at least, he's done a lot to dispel the idea that he's incapable of picking up yet another offensive scheme. Through three games Locker sits at 4th in AFC passer rating metrics, and has led the Titans to the 4th overall offense in the NFL, both despite a waterlogged opener against the Packers that stymied a lot of offensive...
Music City Miracles Aug 26, 2014

Tennessee Titans: Charting Locker's Reads

Let's take a look a look at whether or not Locker has learned to be accurate beyond his first read. During my guest appearance on The Two Tone Crew Podcast the other night we discussed the enigma of Jake Locker.  One point that Jamal Black brought up was a tidbit from our very own Superhorn's series on Jake Locker. From the Accuracy post, I found three basic rules for Jake: 1.  First read is clearly open. 2.  Read is not muddy, and he trusts it. 3.  It's not a short-intermediate throw across the middle.  In particular, it's not a crossing route. The concern brought up by the Two...
Music City Miracles Aug 25, 2014

Breaking Down Jake Locker's Touchdown Pass to Nate Washington

A look at Jake Locker's Touchdown Pass to Nate Washington. In the aftermath of the Titans preseason game, both Nate Washington and Jake Locker were asked about their explosive passing play.  The fact that they were asked about this play, doesn't come as any surprise.  It was a big play after all.  Their answers, however, gave more insight than we typically get out of players in interviews. Jake Locker on the TD pass to Nate Washington: It was something we had seen on film.  They were a team that played quarters, and their safeties played pretty low.  We saw that when we practiced...
Music City Miracles Aug 23, 2014
Titans-Falcons final score: Tennessee Wins Third Preseason game 24-17

Titans-Falcons final score: Tennessee Wins Third Preseason game 24-17

Some quick thoughts on the Titans 3rd preseason game. Bullet point thoughts from the first half: -Jake Locker is inconsistent.  He had some really nice throws- the TD to Nate Washington and the one across his body to Kendall Wright come to mind.  There were also some throws he missed and some times he hung onto the ball too much.  That is going to be life with Locker. -The top three receivers on this team are really, really good.  They are unquestionably the best group of three this team has had since they moved to Nashville.  Throw in Delanie Walker, and this offense should be really...
Rotoworld Aug 23, 2014

Jake Locker sharp again in 3rd preseason game - Jake Locker (QB) Tennessee Titans

Jake Locker completed 12-of-17 passes for 188 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions in Saturday's preseason game against the Falcons.
FFChamps.com Aug 21, 2014

Justin Hunter Looking Dominant In Titans Practice

The Tennessean called Titans receiver Justin Hunter "all but unstoppable" anywhere near the goal line. Hunter caught four balls for 111 yards and two touchdowns in last week's preseason game.Fantasy Spin:Hunter has a knack for catching the ball in the corner of the end zone on the fade pattern according to The Tennessean. Adding to his ball skills, Hunter is 6'4" and jumped a remarkable 39.5 inch vertical leap in the NFL Combine. He could prove to be one of Jake Locker's favorite red zone targets this season and thus a sleeper on draft day.
Music City Miracles Aug 21, 2014

Tennessee Titans: Who's Next?

The Zach Mettenberger rumblings are just the latest in a long line of fans looking to the future, and they maybe missing what's right under their noses. Who's next:  A deeper look at the recent calls for Titan's rookie Zach Mettenberger to start over Jake Locker. To clear the air, I'll start by saying I'm a Jake Locker fan.  If nothing else, I'm a fan of the person.  He's basically the anti-Manziel.  He's quite off the field, doesn't care about money, and a family man that works hard at everything he does.  Heck, he doesn't even have a twitter account.  How you could root against the...
Music City Miracles Aug 20, 2014
Justin Hunter and Chance Warmack Among Top 50 Breakout Players for 2014

Justin Hunter and Chance Warmack Among Top 50 Breakout Players for 2014

The Justin Hunter train just keeps gaining steam. Mike Sando of ESPN.com has put out his list of the top 50 players in the NFL likely to have a breakout season (In$ider).  You can read his criteria, even if you aren't an In$ider, by clicking on that link.  Two Titans are on the list- Justin Hunter (#7) and Chance Warmack (#34). Here is what Sando had to say about Hunter: Quarterbacks tend to make the receivers, not the other way around, and that is worth keeping in mind here as it relates to Titans starter Jake Locker. Still, Hunter shouldn't have much trouble outpacing his 18-catch...
Music City Miracles Aug 20, 2014

Titans - Saints: A Comprehensive Review

An in-depth look at the Titans overall performance in their second pre-season game. Since we're closing in on the 2014 season opener, I thought it high time to bring back our Comprehensive Preview to take a look at the game passed. This week, we take a look at Friday night's preseason match-up against the New Orleans Saints. Offense Passing We got to see the first "real" consistent action from Jake Locker in the Super Dome on Friday, and for the most part, I was happy with what I saw. Locker was operating the offense with precision, going 8 for 11, including a beautiful back...
Music City Miracles Aug 11, 2014

Tennessee Titans News Links: One Down....

Your daily serving of Titan linkage! The Titans completed their first preseason game of the 2014 season on Saturday, and came out victorious! The postgame quotes/transcript can be found here, with words from Whisenhunt, Bishop Sankey, Marc Mariani, Michael Griffin, Jake Locker and more. Paul Kuharsky says that the opener offered no real data on Locker. I think that is a justifiable response from the game, but I'm not quite sure how much he was expecting to see. Zach Brown broke a team rule which led to him being benched the first series against the Packers. Hopefully this is not a...
Music City Miracles Aug 8, 2014
Tennessee Titans News Links: Survival Mode

Tennessee Titans News Links: Survival Mode

Your daily serving of Titan linkage! Colin McCarthy and Moises Fokou are both fighting for roster spots. Not sure which I'd want to make the roster, not a big fan of either's play. ESPN Radio talks with Jake Locker and asks him some very important questions, including whether or not he has seen Guardians of the Galaxy, which he has not yet seen. He needs to though, because it is amazing. It is day 13 of training camp and Paul Kuharsky has the scoop. Kendall Wright shows off his slipperiness in practice and showcases his speed. I cannot wait for games to start. It's gonna be a fun...
Music City Miracles Aug 7, 2014

Jake Locker - Projecting an Enigmatic Quarterback with a Limited Sample Size - The Details

This will be the third post in a four part series that analyzes Jake Locker. As we move forward with our analysis of Jake Locker (Part 1 here, and Part 2 here), we'll examine what I would call "the details" of the quarterback position.  With accuracy and physical skillset covered, this is basically just another way ofsaying "the other nuances we haven't yet discussed".  Not surprisingly, there's quite a bit of overlap between some of these things and the plays reviewed in the previous posts - in particular, accuracy.  In many ways, the plays discussed here are leftovers of things that...
Music City Miracles Aug 6, 2014

Tennessee Titans Training Camp Open Thread

Use this thread to follow all of today's action. If you aren't already following me on Twitter, @TitansMCM, please do because I will be out there today. Tweets from https://twitter.com/TitansMCM/lists/titans-media More from Music City Miracles Follow @TitansMCM Follow @SBNationNFL Tennessee Titans News Links: Pass First? Between The Posts: Into The Fray Tennessee Titans: Five Players Who Will Decide The 2014 Season Jake Locker - Projecting an Enigmatic Quarterback with a Limited Sample Size - Accuracy Tennessee Titans News Links: Job Well Done
Music City Miracles Aug 5, 2014

Jake Locker - Projecting an Enigmatic Quarterback with a Limited Sample Size - Accuracy

This will be the second post in a four part series that analyzes Jake Locker. Continuing with the Locker Series (Part I here), today we'll take a look at accuracy.  That's generally a fairly broad term, especially when used to make sweeping judgements.  A common opinion of Locker, particularly from a national perspective, is that he's a quarterback with accuracy issues.  I think the answer to questions about his accuracy is far more complicated than a simple yes or no answer. As we get further into this series, we'll get into "The Details" (basically nuances of the QB position beyond...
Music City Miracles Aug 4, 2014

Jake Locker - Projecting an Enigmatic Quarterback with a Limited Sample Size - Introduction and Physical Tools

This post will be one of a four part series that analyzes Jake Locker. Heading into the 2014 season, most would agree that the largest question mark on the Titans roster is the quarterback position.  Entering his 4th year in the league, Jake Locker remains an unknown.  And, like most cases in the NFL, fans and media alike are ready to put him into a neat box and move on - bust or franchise QB.  Yet, when we actually take the time to study the tape, the answer becomes far more complicated.  Locker is unique in that he's shown the ability to flash the potential that got him drafted with...

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