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Arrowhead Pride Jul 2, 2015

Jamaal Charles ranks No. 12 player in the NFL despite his "down year"

NFL Network's top 100 players ranking puts KC Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles at No. 12. The knock on Jamaal Charles coming into the NFL was that he was simply a speed back. In replacing Larry Johnson at the end of his second season, Jamaal proved that he was more than just a speed guy, and he's continued to prove that by rushing for over 1,000 yards in each of his last five full seasons (minus the ACL year in 2011). NFL Network's top 100 players ranking understands this and puts Jamaal Charles at No. 12 in the NFL. The fact that many people will call last season a "down year" for Jamaal Charles...
Arrowhead Pride Jun 26, 2015

Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston headline Chiefs on All AFC-West team

Yep, another offseason list. But where's Sean Smith? To help distract us from the doldrums that the long NFL offseason can create, the league's own website has been building a series of divisional all-star teams in order to keep us talking. The AFC West team has been revealed and the amount of Chiefs and even former Chiefs is pretty impressive. The predictable entries are all there. Justin Houston at linebacker. Jamaal Charles at running back. Dontari Poe clogging the defensive middle. The sum total of starters comes to eight, including special teams where both De'Anthony Thomas and Dustin...
Arrowhead Pride Jun 24, 2015

Today's reminder that Jamaal Charles is amazing

Every once in a while we like to issue a reminder that Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is indeed the man. Our own RealMNChiefsfan did that earlier this week with this piece, which explained what makes Jamaal stand out from the other backs in the league. If you haven't read that yet, go do it. It's fantastic. Here's another reminder that Jamaal is in another world. Barry Sanders' YPC average looks even better once you adjust for era, but well, Jamaal Charles remains the YPC king http://t.co/KOenPIaJzu — Football Perspective (@fbgchase) June 24, 2015 Football Perspective looked...
Arrowhead Pride Jun 22, 2015

Dear NFL: Here's why your RB is not Jamaal Charles

The offseason is a time for hyperbole. I get that. Every player is in the best shape of his life, every youngster is going to "take the next step," every scheme is about to revolutionize the way we see the game ... Seriously, I get it. Then someone compared Melvin Gordon to Jamaal Charles, and something snapped inside me. Look, Gordon may well turn out to be a fantastic pro. This has nothing to do with him. But every year, some new fast guy (or two, or three) draws comparisons to Jamaal Charles. His entire career he's been grouped with smaller, faster backs as though they're roughly the...
Arrowhead Pride Jun 16, 2015

Jamaal Charles said Mitch Holthus was the best roaster, Andy Reid was "kinda funny"

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles had a big weekend in his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas. Not only did he put on his football camp but he was also present for the Port Arthur News Homecoming Roast where he was the subject of jokes from Andy Reid, Mitch Holthus, Vince Young, Wade Phillips and others. Jamaal told the media before practice on Tuesday that Chiefs announcer Mitch Holthus had the best jokes while Andy Reid was only "kinda funny". The KC Star had a recap of the event here. Jamaal also told us that after minicamp wraps up this week he will go on vacation for a bit to unwind....
Arrowhead Pride Jun 15, 2015

How the Kansas City Chiefs can earn respect (it's simple, really)

I'm working on a piece right now about why Jamaal Charles is great. The film has been reviewed and three plays have been selected to demonstrate the difference between Charles and other "fast" running backs (to whom he is endlessly compared). However, that article has already taken (and will take) a great deal of time to research and write (anything that involves watching film takes a while. That's the nature of the beast). So in the meantime, let's chuck out a couple of mailbag questions to fill the aching void in our lives that we believe can be filled by sports but can only be filled by...
Arrowhead Pride Jun 15, 2015

Jamaal Charles, Andy Reid exchanges jokes at each other's expense

Jamaal Charles was roasted this weekend in his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas. It was really an acknowledgement of what a great person he has become and player he has been for Texas and the Kansas City Chiefs. The roast had an A-list attendance including Andy Reid, Wade Phillips, Vince Young, Travis Kelce, Jeremy Maclin, Dontari Poe and Anthony Sherman among others. The KC Star's Vahe Gregorian was in attendance so go read his recap here. Two of the best jokes I read were... Andy on Jamaal's Michael Jackson suit Reid says can't talk about Charles' hair/might offend lady who prepared it...

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