9:01 AM EDT, Sun April 26, 2015
Arrowhead Pride Apr 20, 2015

Jamaal Charles wants Kansas City Chiefs to address offensive line in the 2015 NFL Draft

No surprise the Chiefs RB wants offensive linemen. The Kansas City Chiefs have already made aggressive moves along the offensive line this offseason signing Paul Fanaika and trading for Ben Grubbs. One KC Chiefs player wants them to do even more. Jamaal Charles tells the Dave Skretta of the (other) AP that he wants the Chiefs to address the offensive line in the draft. "I definitely want them to address that, Charles told Skretta. "I'm not a GM, so I can't do that job. But it was challenging last year playing with guys -- some got hurt, some got suspended. So it was hard playing. I never...
Arrowhead Pride Apr 18, 2015

Jamaal Charles wants to play until he's 35 years old

Running backs decline faster than most positions but I wouldn't put it past Jamaal Charles to play until he's 35 years old, which is what he told ESPN's Adam Teicher in an interview. Read Teicher's post here. Charles will turn 29 years old this December so that would be six more seasons to reach the age of 35. Maybe if the Chiefs were very careful about his carries it would be possible to stretch it to 35 but father time is undefeated. I don't want to put it past him but history has made it very clear that it's unlikely he'll make it that far. Charles is under contract with the Chiefs for...

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