9:54 PM EDT, Tue June 30, 2015
Baltimore Sun Jun 19, 2015

Jamal Lewis, Brad Jackson to attend Ravens youth football clinics

The Ravens are holding a series of youth football clinics next week with former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis and former Ravens linebacker Brad Jackson providing instruction.
Baltimore Beatdown Jun 11, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Jamal 2000

Jamal Lewis and his 2K season. A feat only accomplished by 4 previous players, and now 7 persons all-time; Jamal Lewis broke the 2,000 yard mark on December 28th 2003. With hundreds upon hundreds of NFL runningbacks taking hand-offs every single Sunday since the league began, only seven of the most punishing backs in the NFL have passed 2,000 yards. Baltimore great Jamal Lewis made his mark in an overtime win against the Pittsburgh Steelers over 11 years ago. During this week 17 battle Lewis accumulated 114 yards on 27 carries. Jamal Lewis did score the lone Baltimore Raven touchdown with a...

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