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LeCharles Bentley says Lions' UDFA Chase Farris could be Jason Peters-like steal

LeCharles Bentley says Lions' UDFA Chase Farris could be Jason Peters-like steal

The Detroit Lions selected 10 players in the 2016 NFL draft, but Chase Farris didn't make the cut. Still, the team was clearly intrigued by the former Ohio State offensive tackle's potential, offering him $20,000 guaranteed as an undrafted free...
philly.com Apr 24, 2016

Eagles tackle Jason Peters has something to prove

JASON PETERS is, without question, one of the best offensive tackles of his era. There is Peters and there is Walter Jones and then there is everyone else.
Big Blue View Apr 7, 2016

Terron Beckham pro day: Is the NFL ready for another Beckham?

Terron Beckham had his pro day today, and the numbers were impressive. Odell Beckham Jr. took the NFL by storm soon after taking the field in Week 5 of the 2014 season. His electric athleticism, polished game, and instant rapport with Eli Manning proved essentially unstoppable. But as the 2016 draft process got going, a buzz started to build ... Could it be? ANOTHER Beckham? Yep. Odell Beckham's cousin, Terron Beckham, announced that he would be entering the 2016 NFL draft despite not having played football since high school -- five years ago. I normally warn against scouting with a...
Field Gulls Apr 7, 2016

Garry Gilliam probably isn't Jason Peters but then again who the f#%! are we to judge?

It's hard to make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in general, but it may be even harder to do it when you're an offensive lineman. All that most people have to go off of is reputation and so to be considered a lock to make the Hall as a left tackle before your career is even over is an even bigger accomplishment. Think about this: The only tackles to be elected from the last 15 years are Orlando Pace, Walter Jones, Willie Roaf, and Jonathan Ogden. Soon(ish) they'll be joined by the Eagles' Jason Peters, an eight-time Pro Bowl, six-time All-Pro tackle, which seems all well and not...

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