6:44 AM EDT, Tue September 30, 2014
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Jay Cutler thought he'd be a Redskin

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on Monday confirmed a recent report he was nearly a member of the Washington Redskins in 2009, shortly before a trade with the Denver Broncos brought him to his current team. In a piece explaining some of the behind-the-scenes maneuvers that ultimately led to the Bears landing Cutler, the quarterback -- fueled by speculation about former head coach Josh McDaniels’ preference of Matt Cassell, and the belief former coach Mike Shanhan would be joining Washington -- reportedly wanted to join the Redskins.
Chicago Sun-Times Sep 27, 2014

Cutler vs. Rodgers as fair a matchup as it ever has been

Jay Cutler vs. Aaron Rodgers? Not a fair fight, Cutler defenders say. Rodgers has had all the advantages: He has been operating in a top-flight system with a coach who knows offense and an offensive coordinator he respects. He has had the better weapons, including big-play wide receivers and a tight end who can catch the ball. And he has been in the same offense for years. Cutler can’t compete with that. It’s an unfair comparison. Well, not anymore. When the...

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