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Andy Benoit: Flacco is a silent Superstar

Never have these words come from a non-Ravens fans mouth, but Andy Benoit chooses to be the first... We all know the argument well; it has been researched, written about, and regurgitated by the Baltimore media and blogs like us, over and over again. Flacco is a top quarterback, a winner, we wouldn't trade him for any other quarterback. Around the rest of the country, the media and fans think of him as mediocre, overpaid, and just plain old boring. They do not bother to look past the surface, look into the numbers, and discover just how good Joe Flacco really is. All they care is: he does...
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 31, 2015

Former Ravens QB Tyrod Taylor wins the starting job

The QB out of Virginia Tech has won his first quarterback competition after sitting for 4 years behind Flacco... As a fan, at times you can feel bad for a player who really has no chance to see the field. Although he may be living the dream of being on an NFL team, not getting game action can really be frustrating. One such player is QB Tyrod Taylor, who spent 4 years holding a clipboard for Ravens franchise QB Joe Flacco. A 6th round pick out of Virginia Tech, Taylor served as Flacco's backup but never got more than a cursory glance here or there. However, when he did make it on the field,...
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 27, 2015

Football Outsiders Interview: Flacco debate

SB Nation got the chance to sit down and talk with Football Outsiders as they release their Football Outsiders Almanac for the 2015 NFL Season. Robert Weintraub from Football Outsiders answered all of our questions as the expert. First up was to see how they felt about quarterback Joe Flacco. Under new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, the Ravens look to have the most potent offense they've ever fielded. They have added weapons in Breshad Perriman and Maxx Williams to the young receiving corps led by veteran Steve Smith's final ride. Q: Joe Flacco had one of his best seasons in 2014....
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 27, 2015

Quarterback Joe Flacco needs to up his game... his party game

Joe solves his home turf issues While you and I watch from the living rooms & barstools on Sundays everywhere, Joe Flacco hasn't had any training on 'the way of the party'. With the Help of Pepsi Co. & Tostitos he just might figure it out before season begins. Flacco hasn't had the practice like some other quarterbacks mainly because he has been playing during the playoffs and Super Bowl. Flacco has clearly come a long way from his Pizza Hut commercial days. Now he actually seems to figure it out. From his melancholy nature it's almost real. Just take a look yourself at the greatest Ravens...
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 26, 2015

Flacco: 10 wins would be disappointing

It is a well known fact that Joe Flacco is a competitive guy, who has high expectations for himself and for the Ravens as a team. Entering his 8th season, his statistics have steadily climbed, with his win total fluctuating between 8 and 12 wins. Following last years season where the Ravens were on the cusp of reaching the AFC championship game before blowing two 14 point leads to the Patriots despite a decimated secondary, expectations are high in Baltimore. While most would not be so bold to express this sentiment out loud, Flacco has no problem raising the bar for himself and his fellow...
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 24, 2015

Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco accepts responsibility for his interceptions

Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco understands that the Ravens and fans want him to excel and are looking for a much better season in 2015 to push him into that upper tier of quarterbacks. Two interceptions against the Eagles in preseason is not the way to do it though. Decision-wise, I would say I think we had the shots. I just didn't make the throw that I needed to. This is the Flacco that everyone knows however. The same on that drove 80 yards on the Saints and scored a relatively easy touchdown last week, while stinking up the joint this week. Overthrowing and underthrowing receivers...
philly.com Aug 20, 2015

In Joe Flacco, Ravens have what Eagles are still looking for

Even as a college coordinator, Chip Kelly knew the talented, durable quarterback was a special talent.
Express-Times Aug 20, 2015
Eagles defense contains Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco on Day 2 of joint practices

Eagles defense contains Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco on Day 2 of joint practices

Who stood out defensively against the Ravens' quarterback on the second day of joint practices?
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 18, 2015

Joe Flacco's Hair Has Come a Long Way

While his ability as a QB is often debated, his 'elite' hair should not be. After seeing images of Flacco taken during last week's game, I thought to myself, "Wow. His hair sure has gotten way better over the years." And it's true. I remember a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed quarterback who had no idea what to do with that head of hair. Fast forward to present day, and he's got it figured out. Let's take a look back at the many hairstyles of Joseph Flacco. Early '90s: Fly as Hell Too cool for school. Little did young Flacco know that he would revert to a very similar hairstyle...
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 16, 2015

Can Flacco continue to improve his downfield game in 2015?

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has long been known for his big arm and downfield passing ability, so it may come to a surprise to some that he had an atrocious year in that department in 2013. A porous offensive line, disappointing run game, and lackluster receiving group all contributed to his performance. Following the jettisoning of Anquan Boldin and a hip injury in camp for Dennis Pitta, Joe was missing 2 of his 4 top weapons to begin the year. But with Ray Rice lacking explosiveness, the offense essentially became the Joe and Torrey show. With Torrey Smith not exactly known for fighting...
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 13, 2015

2015 Ravens preseason: Ravens win 30 - 27 over Saints

Baltimore wins 27-30 toppling Saints BRYN RENNER! BALTIMORE RAVEN PRE-SEASON HERO! My oh my folks I don't know if my blood pressure is going to take 3 more pre-season games if they end with a Bryn Renner walk-off touchdown! So much excitement and thrill over this game it sure as hell didn't feel like a pre-season game. RECAP: Lorenzo Taliaferro rush for a 1 yard TOUCHDOWN! Seamless drive by the starting unit. Pure Baltimore bliss as Joe Flacco & Company waltz down the turf scoring the first touchdown for Baltimore. Love Lorenzo so far in this game. Great effort there. Matt Schaub pass to...
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 13, 2015

2015 Ravens Training Camp: Ravens-Saints preseason game 1 odds

For the first preseason game, our buddies over at Sports Book Review took a look at the odds for every preseason game this week. With the Ravens and Saints, they did an over/under on the number of points to be scored tonight. With 38 being the line set, they give a good reason for why the number is high, but not incredibly high. Drew Brees and the Saints O-line can play at a fast clip and light up a scoreboard on a good day. Given that this is a preseason game Drew Brees and the regulars are unlikely to play long enough to put up astronomical numbers. On the flipside, the Joe Flacco and...
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 11, 2015

Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco for MVP?

Our buddies over at Bovada just hit us up with the official odds to win the 2015 MVP and quarterback Joe Flacco actually makes the list! Now before you say "well everyone has a shot", no, no they don't. Our buddies over at Bovada just hit us up with the official odds to win the 2015 MVP and quarterback Joe Flacco actually makes the list! Now before you say "well everyone has a shot", no, no they don't. The list is kept to 33 players only and include some of the heavy hitters like Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, J.J. Watt and Tom Brady. Out of the 33 available slots, Flacco is tied for 20th...

Ryan Tannehill’s odds to win NFL MVP

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is getting a lot of buzz this offseason, and the betting world has noticed. Bovada, an online sports book, has Tannehill at 40-1 odds to win NFL MVP. He’s tied with Joe Flacco, ...
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 10, 2015

Terrell Suggs calls out Ravens' backup quarterback Matt Schaub

Some things never change, like Terrell Suggs calling out QBs. Terrell Suggs is no stranger to calling out quarterbacks, even his own. You can't forget when he called out Tom Brady, saying "I don’t like him, he don’t like me. I don’t like his hair." "Everyone just seems to worship the guy so much. Not me, though." He's also called out his own before, previously saying that Troy Smith should be the starter instead of Joe Flacco, and has also criticized Flacco's leadership style. Well, he's done it again. This time with backup QB Matt Schaub. Per ESPN's Jamison Hensley, after...

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