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Baltimore Beatdown Jul 2, 2015

Head coach John Harbaugh ranked third out of all coaches

Success starts at the top with the head coach. NFL.com ranked all the head coaches in the league and the Ravens' very own John Harbaugh finds himself third overall. The Ravens continued success since 2008 can be partly attributed to quarterback Joe Flacco and the rest of the supporting cast of players the Ravens have had. However, the success starts at the top with the head coach. NFL.comranked all the head coaches in the league and the Ravens' very own John Harbaugh finds himself third overall. Harbaugh's run in Baltimore rivals that of the best coaches of all time. While it might be...
Baltimore Beatdown Jul 1, 2015

Quarterback Joe Flacco's touchdown passes

Thanks to Reddit user 'wafflehauss' for putting together 50 of Joe Flacco's touchdown passes in video form. Everything from 25 yards plus, is sitting here. Some of the favorites is the 62 yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Derrick Mason in 2009 against Detroit. Mason had a serious shoulder injury, took the hit on both sides and just ran down the field. You can't forget Torrey Smith's first NFL reception against St Louis. Last year was Flacco's longest touchdown throw to Steve Smith. Smith caught an 80 yard touchdown, but made sure to stiff arm poor Adam Jones down to the ground on his...

ESPN: Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger has brighter future than Ravens QB Joe Flacco

It's hard to make an argument that Joe Flacco has a brighter future than Ben Roethlisberger, and only one the three AFC North reporters who provided commentary on ESPN's story went with Flacco. ESPN.com checked in with AFC North reporters Coley Harvey who covers the Cincinnati Bengals, Jamison Hensley who covers the Baltimore Ravens, and Pat McManamon who covers the Cleveland Browns to see who has the brighter future as an NFL quarterback: Roethlisberger or Flacco. I could be biased, but to me this question is like asking who is the superior guitarist: Jimi Hendrix or my kid on her fifth...
Baltimore Sun Jun 18, 2015

Similar experience, and some success, bind Joe Flacco and Matt Schaub

For all the talk of quarterback Joe Flacco being forced to work with a fourth offensive coordinator in as many years, another change this offseason could benefit him in his second year in the West Coast offense.
Cincy Jungle Jun 15, 2015

Jason Campbell set to retire; Bengals, Ravens showed interest

After turning down contract offers from the Bengals and Ravens, and after nine seasons in the NFL, Jason Campbell appears ready to call it quits. Despite nothing actually being announced yet, former Bengals quarterback Jason Campbell is leaning toward retirement. The latest report assuming Campbell's retirement comes from NFL Insider, Ian Rapoport. Earlier this year, Pro Football Talk initially promoted the idea of his retirement after Campbell decided against re-signing with the Bengals, while also turning down an opportunity to become Joe Flacco's backup in Baltimore. Campbell was...
Baltimore Beatdown Jun 15, 2015

Baltimore Ravens' 5 most indispensable players

With OTAs wrapped up and mandatory minicamp coming up next week, I got to thinking about which players were the most important to the Ravens this season. These aren't just players that are needed because of their on-field success, but because of their veteran leadership and what it means if they aren't playing. A tough list with so many stars, but one I compiled none the less. Quarterback Joe Flacco The Ravens were nothing before quarterback Joe Flacco came to town in 2008. After his selection in the first round of that NFL Draft, the Ravens have had continued success like few other teams,...
Baltimore Beatdown Jun 12, 2015

Joe Flacco Feels Russell Wilson's Pain

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is going through a similar process as Joe Flacco did a few years ago- strong run game, great defense, solid but unspectacular stats. He got his Super Bowl win out of the way in year 2, and has made the playoffs all 3 years with 2 Super Bowl appearances. He hasn't broken 3500 passing yds, or 26 passing touchdowns yet, but he keeps his interceptions low, and has the additional bonus of being a big rushing threat- he has averaged 626 rushing yards and 3.6 rushing touchdowns a season. He is 42-12 including the playoffs, on a team which had finished below .500...
Baltimore Sun Jun 11, 2015

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco not feeling his age, says he envisions playing into his 40s

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco celebrated his 30th birthday in January.
Baltimore Beatdown Jun 9, 2015

Flacco still Flinging at Forty?

Joe Flacco says playing another 10 years is no problem While not a single person here has their minds focused on the 2025 season, Joe Flacco believes he'll still be around another decade. Joe, who turned 30 years of age in January, is already in belief of another decade to snap his helmet tight. "I don't feel any worse because of my age yet. I'm not going to be fifty and playing. I hope I'm forty, but fifty, no."  spoke the quarterback after his organized team activity recently. Flacco is in fact one of the younger quarterbacks in the league, and with #5 only being thirty, has a lot left...

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