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Bucs Nation Apr 22, 2016

Reviewing the Buccaneers' 2014 Draft

The 2013 season started out badly with the Buccaneers losing their first 8 games. QB Josh Freeman was abruptly released after game 3 and rookie QB Mike Glennon finished the season. The running game was atrocious with no running back getting over 550 yards. The passing game was highlighted by WR Vincent Jackson and UDFA TE Tim Wright. 18 players finished the season on IR including G Carl Nicks, WR Mike Williams, RBs Doug Martin and Mike James, and TEs Tom Crabtree and Luke Stocker. The offense turned out to be the 11th worst in Buccaneers history based on yardage per play. The defense was...
Bucs Nation Apr 18, 2016

Reviewing the Buccaneers' 2013 Draft

After the conclusion of Greg Schiano’s first season, the Bucs finished with the record of 7-9. For the first time in three years, the offense was clicking. The running game was performing almost at a top 10 level behind rookie Doug Martin. With the addition of Vincent Jackson, the passing game was great until the last three games of the season with Josh Freeman at the helm. However, Greg Schiano’s defense, which is why he was hired, was another version of yin and yan. The passing defense was the worst in the NFL and with 27 sacks, the pass rush was tied for 3rd worst in the league. On...
Bucs Nation Apr 14, 2016

Reviewing the Buccaneers' 2012 Draft

By the end of the 2011 Buccaneer’s season, the house of cards that had grown since 2008 fell apart. Led by Josh Freeman, LeGarrette Blount, and Mike Williams the offense turned a terrible performance that ranked the Bucs offense 27th in the NFL. The defense wasn’t any better and finished the season ranked last in the league. Things had to change and oh boy, did they. The owners, the Glazer brothers, decided to fire Raheem Morris and his staff. Mark Dominik didn’t get fired but did have some of his powers taken from him. However, the writing was on the wall if the next head coach did...
Bucs Nation Apr 6, 2016

Reviewing the Buccaneers' 2011 Draft

In 2010, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a season that brought every fan hope that the Bucs had turned the corner and were on greener pastures. They went 10-6 and just barely missed the playoffs by one game. The offense was running on all cylinders behind 2nd year quarterback Josh Freeman and undrafted rookie sensation LeGarrette Blount. Mike Williams provided the team with a #1 WR and Kellen Winslow was a great contributor too. In the end, it was the defense that broke the camel’s back. The Bucs defense was the definition of Yin and Yang. The passing defense was 7th in the league in yards...
Bucs Nation Apr 4, 2016

Reviewing the Buccaneers' 2010 Draft

The 2009 season was filled with misfortune and misery. Before the first game, offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski was fired and Greg Olson took over for him. With "bridge" quarterback Byron Leftwich at the helm, the Bucs lost three straight and traded him away to the Steelers. In his second season, Josh Johnson took over and showed no promise. That resulted in 1st round pick Josh Freeman coming in and finishing off the season 3-9 and the Buccaneers finishing 3-13. On offense, the only highlight was that Josh Freeman got better over the season and the offensive line didn’t allow that...

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