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The Falcoholic Jul 20, 2016

Grading Thomas Dimitroff: The disastrous 2013 free agency period

The 2013 free agent period is the one that most fans remain most grimly. When you look back at where the Falcons went wrong over the last several years, there are many things that jump out at you, from the Julio Jones trade to ignoring the pass rush to the wrong picks at the wrong time in the draft. None of them, in my opinion, contributed to the team’s current state quite like the 2013 offseason. In one fell swoop, the Falcons released several contributing veterans, signed two veterans who turned out to not have much left to give Atlanta, and fell behind other contenders, most notably...
The Falcoholic Jul 20, 2016

Sports Illustrated: Atlanta Falcons superstar Julio Jones is NFL's 4th best "outside receiver"

Fact: Julio Jones helmet smells like marmalade and freshly dried papyrus Training camp starts in a week and Atlanta Falcons fans everywhere are getting hyped. I mean, why not? It's a brand new season and the possibilities are endless. Once training camps begin the season is visible on the horizon. That means NFL rankings abound, occasionally featuring a Falcon or two when the media decides they don't hate us. Sports Illustrated is running through their pre-season rankings this week. Yesterday they highlighted so-called "outside receivers." They rank a familiar face pretty high on their...
The Falcoholic Jul 15, 2016

Grading Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff: the 2012 draft

I hope none of you have a sensitive stomach, because the 2012 draft grade is here. The Falcons made one of their boldest moves in the team's history in 2011 and made the blockbuster trade for Julio Jones. The risk was huge, but Jones has turned into potentially the best wide receiver in the entire league. How did Thomas Dimitroff follow up such a rousing success? Bombing the 2012 draft. The Falcons were short their 1st and 4th round pick. Looking at their selections with the remaining picks, they may as well have traded all of their 2012 picks to the Cleveland Browns. They did not even luck...
The Falcoholic Jul 6, 2016

Julio Jones lands at #8 on the 2016 NFL Top 100

Julio is great. There, we said it. Julio Jones is a top ten NFL player, whether you’re measuring him by production or talent. Now he’s been recognized as such on the NFL Network’s annual prestigious (if not always accurate) list of the top 100 players in the league at the moment. "There's no way that guy's normal."He's not, and we're OK with that: https://t.co/8XS0j3TQ4G #NFLTop100 #RiseUp pic.twitter.com/tMI1rboKy5— Atlanta Falcons (@AtlantaFalcons) July 7, 2016 Julio took his already tremendous game to new heights in 2015, putting up an absolutely bonkers final line of 136...
The Falcoholic Jul 1, 2016

Where Julio Jones stands on the Falcons’ franchise leaderboard

The electric wide receiver will be third on the team’s receiving list in just about every category a year from now, so long as he stays healthy. Earlier this offseason, I wrote that Julio Jones is unlikely to break any franchise or NFL records in 2016, despite his obvious excellence. While that is certainly true, it is also true that he is going to move up the team’s all-time leaderboard this year so long as he’s healthy, and he’s going to close in on some records in the near future. Because we enjoy celebrating Jones’ terrifying rampage through the rest of the NFL, here’s a...
The Falcoholic Jul 1, 2016

NFC South Roundtable: Did the Bucs choose wisely to fix their defense?

The Bucs fired head coach Lovie Smith and brought in Mike Smith as their new defensive coordinator. Will that fix their defense? As we look toward the 2016 season, there are a lot of questions facing the NFC South. Over the next few weeks, my esteemed colleagues -- Sander Phillipse of Bucs Nation, J.R. Ella from Canal Street Chronicles, and Brian Beversluis of Cat Scratch Reader -- join me to dissect these topics and establish some expectations for the division this season. Let's take a look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that parted ways with head coach Lovie Smith and replaced him...
The Falcoholic Jul 1, 2016

Who are the three best Falcons wide receivers ever?

Now we're talking. These lists have generated quite a bit of discussion, and I expect that to continue today as cover the history of one of the strongest positions the Falcons have fielded over the years. I am, of course, talking about receiver. From the stellar and long career of Roddy White to Julio Jones' brilliance, the Falcons haven't lacked for quality options in recent years, and they historically have had at least one standout since the 1970's, except for a brief period in the 1980's. Some of these players are already in the team's Ring of Honor, while others are definitely going to...
The Falcoholic Jun 30, 2016

Report: Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones nominated for NFL's best player award

Fact: Julio Jones has seen every episode of Golden Girls Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is trying to impress you. If Jones had his way, you'd be completely floored by his performance every week; he's just that motivated. But in truth, Jones comes off as a humble, determined guy. He's trying to be the best while lifting up the franchise and making it better. It's not easy being the best. That's a conundrum Jones must navigate en route to greatness each and every day. For now, it's paying off, and he's been nominated as the NFL's best player. The latest organization to recognize...
The Falcoholic Jun 30, 2016

Tune in now for our Facebook Live mailbag

Head over to our Facebook page now! It's time for our weekly mailbag on Facebook Live. Head on over to our Facebook page now, and I'll answer all of the questions you've submitted over the past two weeks about the Falcons. I will also answer all of the questions I can get to in the comments. I probably can't get to all of them, but I'll do my best to get to as many as possible. If you don't have Facebook or if you have some kind of deep hatred for it, which seems to be the case for some people, don't worry -- we'll post the finished video on the site tomorrow so you can watch and see...
The Falcoholic Jun 30, 2016

NFC South Roundtable: What do the Falcons need to do to bounce back?

Our Jeanna Thomas is joined by Sander Phillipse of Bucs Nation, J.R. Ella from Canal Street Chronicles, and Brian Beversluis of Cat Scratch Reader to discuss the state of the NFC South for the coming season. As we look toward the 2016 season, there are a lot of questions facing the NFC South. Over the next few weeks, my esteemed colleagues -- Sander Phillipse of Bucs Nation, J.R. Ella from Canal Street Chronicles, and Brian Beversluis of Cat Scratch Reader -- join me to dissect these topics and establish some expectations for the division this season. To kick things off, let's talk about...
The Falcoholic Jun 30, 2016

Falcons have 2 of the most important people in the NFL

The Falcons find a way to make another top 100 list While the Falcons football team hasn’t been to the playoffs for the past few years, the relevance of the organization to the NFL isn’t completely lost. According to USA Today, the Falcons have two of the 100 most important people in the NFL. Surprisingly, the list is topped not by the Commissioner, but by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (Goodell is second). As for the Falcons, the highest ranked member of the organization is President and CEO Rich McKay. His role as chairman of the NFL Competition Committee gives him great influence...
The Falcoholic Jun 30, 2016

Falcons 2016 schedule preview: Tampa Bay Buccaneers visit in Week 1

A rundown on the Falcons' first opponent of the season, and a division rival, to boot. Every year, it seems, the Buccaneers get a lot of preseason love from pundits who anticipate that this is the year they make a leap. It hasn't happened in a while, to put it mildly, but this is one of the younger, more talented teams they've put on the field in the last decade. Because they play in the NFC South, that'll make this team worth watching warily. The Bucs are also the first team the Falcons will play this year, and a pretty good test of how much better Atlanta is. This is a team with a...
The Falcoholic Jun 29, 2016

"The Godfather" Gil Brandt says trade for Julio Jones "almost looks cheap"

Five years after the fact, NFL analysts believe this blockbuster trade was one of the team's best moves in franchise history. Back in 2011, Thomas Dimitroff made what was believed to be a career-defining move: trading away a slew of picks to move up for the 2nd drafted wide receiver in 2011. The move was full of risk. Julio Jones was considered by some as a possession receiver who could not play up to his elite timed speed. Julio did not have the hands, route running skills, or production of University of Georgia's A.J. Green, but looked to have monster potential after blocking in Alabama's...
The Falcoholic Jun 28, 2016

Who will lead the Falcons in receiving touchdowns this year?

It's a question you might have to think about, in all honesty. Julio Jones has been an astonishingly productive wide receiver, so it's difficult to have many gripes about what he's done for the Falcons. The one that persistently comes up, though, is his scoring, which means the following question is actually sort of sensible. Who is going to score the most through the air in 2016? Thanks to volume and talent, the answer ought to be Julio, who scored eight in 2015 and led the team. The year before that, it was Roddy White with seven, and the year before that, it was Tony Gonzalez with...
The Falcoholic Jun 25, 2016

Julio Jones is probably not going to break any more franchise receiving records in 2016

He's already a franchise great, but expecting more out of him than we got in 2015 might be asking too much. Over the long haul, it's fair to assume that Julio Jones will someday own every franchise receiving record for the Atlanta Falcons. If he stays healthy, he's simply too gifted and too important to this team's offense not to. There is, however, reason to doubt that Julio will exceed the heights he established just a year ago. I've gotten a fair number of questions about whether Julio might break the NFL's single season record for receiving yardage, and while it's a legitimate question...

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