8:55 PM EDT, Sat June 25, 2016
The Falcoholic 8 hours ago

Julio Jones is probably not going to break any more franchise receiving records in 2016

He's already a franchise great, but expecting more out of him than we got in 2015 might be asking too much. Over the long haul, it's fair to assume that Julio Jones will someday own every franchise receiving record for the Atlanta Falcons. If he stays healthy, he's simply too gifted and too important to this team's offense not to. There is, however, reason to doubt that Julio will exceed the heights he established just a year ago. I've gotten a fair number of questions about whether Julio might break the NFL's single season record for receiving yardage, and while it's a legitimate question...
The Falcoholic 10 hours ago

What does Keanu Neal have to do to win over Falcons fans in his rookie season?

He wasn't the most popular pick, so what will it take? Keanu Neal was a defensible pick at #17, albeit not necessarily a popular one. With so many mock drafts expecting him to land in the second round, it was inevitable that many would feel he was a reach, and while I liked the pick a lot I certainly understood the sentiment. In years past, we've seen the fanbase turn on draft picks quickly when they're scuffled in their rookie seasons, and I'm certainly bracing for the same outcome for Neal. We want our first rounders to be successful immediately, no matter how long the odds are, and...
The Falcoholic 12 hours ago

What is your biggest concern for the Falcons in 2016?

With so many apparently feeling more optimistic, we're curious. Generally speaking, it seems like your average Falcons fans is more optimistic about this team's fortunes than they were a short time ago. That's according to our latest poll, which saw close to 60% of Falcons fans who took it reporting they felt better about the team than they did back in January. It's not hard to understand why--new additions traditionally spark optimism, the team genuinely looks better at this very early stage--but I don't want to be all sunshine and roses just yet. I want to know what's concerning you most...
The Falcoholic Jun 22, 2016

Falcons WR Julio Jones nominated for ESPY

Fans can vote, and you should. Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is undoubtedly one of the best in the game. He has unbelievable natural abilities, and his work ethic is beyond reproach. He's a joy to watch, and his talent and hard work have been recognized with an ESPY nomination for Best NFL Player. Jones is up against Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. That's an impressive slate of players, so let's just allow Jones' play to speak for itself. There...
The Falcoholic Jun 22, 2016

Submit your questions now for this week's mailbag

Tune in tomorrow as Jeanna Thomas answers your questions on Facebook Live. Have questions about the Falcons? I probably have answers. Submit your questions in the comments below, and tune in to our Facebook page tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. for the answers. We've hit literally the very worst period on the NFL calendar. Players are on vacation. There's nothing going on. All we can do between now and training camp is reflect on last season and speculate, speculate, speculate about the upcoming one. Still, we're all thinking about football and counting down the weeks until we can actually see these...
The Falcoholic Jun 21, 2016

Pro Football Focus: the Atlanta Falcons' Julio Jones had 2nd highest WR grade in 2015

Fact: Julio Jones eats cantaloupes whole Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones doesn't have much to prove in the NFL. He's basically demolished his competition. In the process, he's established himself as one of the best, if not the best, wide receiver in the league. And per Pro Football Focus, he graded out as the 2nd best wide receiver in the NFL last season. Highest-graded NFL WRs in 2015:1. @AntonioBrown84, 96.52. @juliojones_11, 96.03. @TeamJeffery_, 94.24. @ajgreen_18, 92.1 — Pro Football Focus (@PFF) June 21, 2016 Antonio Brown is undoubtedly a talented guy. Brown and...
The Falcoholic Jun 15, 2016

Report: Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones looking forward to more deep balls this season

Fact: Julio Jones invented the "Running Man" The Atlanta Falcons want their franchise quarterback and star wide receiver on the same page. The more they see eye to eye, the better the team will fare. (It's science, Falcons fans.) To be fair, it's not like they haven't played well together historically. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship with an established history of success. That said, they're always looking to improve. The Falcons are emphasizing the deep ball this off-season. The talented Vaughn McClure described their efforts in detail in this article. (Please go read, if you haven't...
The Falcoholic Jun 12, 2016

Jim Harbaugh: 49ers wanted to draft Julio Jones

At least the San Francisco 49ers got (searches Google, scratches head) Aldon Smith. Former 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh helps make up approximately 18% of all football related news during the dead times of the offseason. He was present at a South Alabama satellite camp, the existence of such makes college coaches either angry or ecstatic. Regardless, Harbaugh surprisingly wore a Julio Jones jersey near Jones' alma mater. Was he just trying to butter up potential recruits by wearing the jersey of one of the best Alabama players in a decade? Totally. But according to Harbaugh, there was...
San Jose Mercury News Jun 8, 2016

Jim Harbaugh says 49ers wanted Julio Jones in 2011 draft

Michigan coach claims Jones was target at No. 7, but Falcons moved up to No. 6, so 49ers took Aldon Smith
Niners Nation Jun 8, 2016

Jim Harbaugh, 49ers wanted to draft Julio Jones in 2011

The Jim Harbaugh world tour has taken him to Alabama, where he his involved in a satellite camp at South Alabama University. While working at the camp, he was spotted in a Julio Jones Atlanta Falcons jersey. Jim Harbaugh & South Alabama @CoachJoeyJones at South Alabama camp. pic.twitter.com/lPeYi12n8b— Creg Stephenson (@CregStephenson) June 7, 2016 Harbaugh met with the media during the camp, and it turns out there was a specific reason Harbaugh was wearing the jersey of the former Alabama star. He told Scout.com (via ESPN, video unavailable) that the 49ers wanted to draft Jones back...
The Falcoholic Jun 4, 2016

The Ringer's Julio Jones longform is a must-read

Bill Simmons' new site, The Ringer, features a lot of interesting stories, including a great longform on Julio Jones. Julio Jones doesn't have the personality you might expect from a player who is absolutely in the conversation for being the most talented receiver in the NFL. He's not cocky. When he's asked if he's the best receiver in the league and he says yes, it's not arrogance. It's confidence. He knows what he's capable of, and he knows that he works hard enough to maximize his potential. Jones isn't loud, isn't a diva. He's a soft-spoken player who leads by example. After having...
The Falcoholic Jun 4, 2016

Projecting the Falcons 2016 offense: Matt Ryan

What might Ryan's 9th season in the league look like? We take a guess. With the way the 2015 season ended, it wouldn't be surprising if you thought that Matt Ryan had one of his worst statistical seasons ever. Surprisingly, he's been freakishly consistent statistically over the past several years. His performance every year puts him in the top-10 in a number of categories, and looking ahead to 2016, there's no reason to expect any different. 2012-2014 In the years where the offense finally went "pass first", Ryan's numbers swelled when compared to the days when Michael Turner was the...
The Falcoholic Jun 4, 2016

Julio Jones is and has always been dominant, in case you didn't realize

That's the primary takeaway from The Ringer's excellent new piece on the receiver. If someone compared Julio Jones to LeBron James based solely on their respective dominance, would you bat an eye? You shouldn't, and you won't after reading Robert Mays on Julio. .@robertmays goes long on the remarkable Julio Jones, the NFL’s closest equivalent to LeBron. https://t.co/lRg7Y4CSlf — The Ringer (@ringer) June 3, 2016 This is a phenomenal read from the new Bill Simmons site for many reasons, but as its core it tells you a little more about who Julio Jones is. He's a genuinely reserved,...

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