8:15 AM EDT, Fri May 29, 2015
Baltimore Beatdown May 28, 2015

Underestimate Justin Forsett at Your Own Peril

The narrative of 30 year old Justin Forsett being a one hit wonder, or too old is just ridiculous and over-hyped. The argument that he will be even more successful in 2015... In Joyner's phenomenal article (ESPN Insider subscription required) on why he believes Joe Flacco will break out under Marc Trestman, amongst the reasons he lists are some enlightening statistics regarding Justin Forsett. Good Blocking Yards Per Attempt (GBYPA) Too often I have heard fans make the mistake of underrating Justin Forsett, citing his journeyman status. This is a big mistake. Forsett led the league in...
Baltimore Sun May 27, 2015

Ravens running back Justin Forsett ranked 65th on NFL Network top 100 players list

Behind the strength of a breakthrough season, Ravens starting running back Justin Forsett has been named to the NFL Network top-100 players list.
Baltimore Beatdown May 27, 2015

Ravens running back Justin Forsett hits the NFL Top 100 for the first time

No surprise here, but Ravens running back Justin Forsett appears on the NFL's Top 100 list all the way at number 65. We've debated over rankings before with linebacker Terrell Suggs falling far down the list, offensive guard Marshall Yanda being one of the lower rated players, and quarterback Joe Flacco actually dropping a few spots despite one of his best statistical seasons to date. However, Forsett finally making this list is definitely deserved, even if we as Ravens' fans think he should probably be a little higher. After bouncing around various clubs during his career, Forsett...
Baltimore Beatdown May 14, 2015

Justin Forsett and Steve Smith at the top of broken tackles list

With Justin Forsett and Steve Smith playing on new teams in 2014, they made the most of their opportunities. Ravens running back Justin Forsett finally got the chance that he had been working so hard for during his career. He made the most of it after finishing the season as the Ravens' number one rusher and amassing 1266 yards on the ground and 263 yards in the passing game. Little did we as Ravens fans know that Forsett is actually one of the better backs in the league at breaking tackles. Football Outsiders took a look at the number of broken tackles during the 2014 NFL season and...
Baltimore Beatdown Apr 30, 2015

Justin Forsett: I pray we continue to unite and stand together

Baltimore Ravens' journeyman Justin Forsertt is also a man of faith and prayer. Amid the Baltimore chaos that is rocking the media like a paper canoe floating down whitewater rapids, Ravens running back Justin Forsett posted this blog entry for his fans and followers to induce peace. Forsett wrote that the city is a special place for him "more than reasons than just football," and that it--the destruction, burning buildings, altercations between the kids and police officers, others getting injured--is hurting his heart. The back voiced his stance on what ensued after the Freddie Gray's...
Baltimore Sun Apr 29, 2015

Ravens running back Justin Forsett on Baltimore riots: 'It's tough to watch'

Ravens running back Justin Forsett was upset enough by the riots in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray to write a  lengthy blog about the situation.

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