6:28 AM EDT, Sat June 25, 2016
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NY Jets: TEs - Better, Worse, Or The Same?

Will the 2016 Jets TEs improve on the amazing performance of the 2015 group? Will the 2016  New York Jets tight ends be better, worse or the same as the 2015 Jets? For the purposes of this article, the traditional in line tight end, the move tight end, and the h-back are all included in the tight end group. The 2015 Jets featured Jeff Cumberland, Kellen Davis and Quincy Enunwa at tight end.  Yes, I know, Enunwa was already included in the wide receivers article.   Enunwa's a bit of a hybrid, so I'm going to cheat and include him in both the wide receivers and the tight ends groups. So...
Newark Star-Ledger Jun 9, 2016

Jets' Kellen Davis undergoes thumb surgery

He'll be back in time for training camp.

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