4:27 AM EDT, Fri August 26, 2016
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 1, 2016

Training camp cuts to keep an eye on

Finally, the Baltimore Ravens training camp is underway, and as a New York Mets fan watching the team go down with injuries similar to the way the Ravens did in 2015, it couldn't come at a better time. Football is back! Since we are now in the month of August, preseason games will start soon and it's that time of year where Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome looks over the roster and sees where improvement can be made before the start of the regular season. Ozzie also will look at other teams rosters to see if he can poach on another team's scraps. It's a move Ozzie is all too...
CSN Baltimore Aug 1, 2016

DeAngelo Hall declares Redskins secondary the best he's ever played on

DeAngelo Hall knows a good secondary. A 12-year NFL veteran, when Hall declares the 2016 Redskins secondary the best group hes ever played, on it carries significant weight.