9:08 PM EDT, Fri August 26, 2016
Blogging The Boys Aug 12, 2016

Don't Let Cowboys Convince You That They Are Set At Backup Quarterback

We've been seeing a lot of young guys get reps but don't be convinced that the Dallas Cowboys are just fine at backup quarterback. We've seen the Cowboys do a multitude of things with their backup quarterback situation over the Tony Romo tenure. They've brought in the wily veterans such as Brad Johnson and Jon Kitna. They've also spent decent resources on guys like Kyle Orton and Matt Cassel. They've even sought after guys that didn't pan out with their respective clubs like Brandon Weeden. This season they were willing to roll the dice with a former Scott Linehan guy in Kellen Moore as...
CSN Chicago Aug 8, 2016

Bears' preseason opponent Broncos still having a QB battle

The Bears opponent in the preseason opener, the Denver Broncos, are still figuring out their quarterback situation in camp.
Windy City Gridiron Aug 1, 2016

Jay Cutler Fact or Fiction: The Trade

Jay Cutler: Fact or Fiction For the final edition of Fact or Fiction this off-season, I wanted to address one of the touchiest subjects involving Jay Cutler, and that is the trade itself. One comment that is brought up on these boards a lot is the idea that the ransom given up for Cutler (two firsts, a third, and Kyle Orton) is deceptive, because the first-rounders that were sent away were, in fact, only going to be disasters anyway. After all, Jerry Angelo was the one who was going to do the picking. How valid is this? From 2001 to 2011, Angelo made a total of nine first-round picks....