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Revenge Of The Birds Jul 26, 2015

Larry Fitzgerald absent from Bill Barnwell's Top 100 players

Patrick Peterson and Calais Campbell still make it. Since NFL Network began its offseason series of the Top 100 NFL players, many writers have followed suit. The players this year put Larry Fitzgerald, Calais Campbell and Patrick Peterson in the Top 100. Grantland's Bill Barnwell put together his list and included Campbell and Peterson, but omitted Fitzgerald, mentioning him specifically in the "snubs." There are 22 players included in the NFL's Top 100 who didn't make it onto my list. Very few of them missed by much. Take the eight wide receivers who crept onto the NFL's Top 100 and...
Revenge Of The Birds Jul 15, 2015

Arizona Cardinals QBs avoid turnovers when throwing to Larry Fitzgerald (and in general) in 2014

There were no interceptions when throwing to Fitz in the regular season. Pro Football Focus shared a tweet that Darren Urban blogged about on AZCardinals.com. It was about how the Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks did not throw a single interception when targeting Larry Fitzgerald. Urban found out from PFF that number was much higher in 2013 -- seven -- when Carson Palmer was the only quarterback to take a snap. The obvious observation is there was significant progress on offense by Arizona in their second year with Bruce Arians as head coach and play caller. In 2013, there were a number of...
Revenge Of The Birds Jul 8, 2015

What are the chances Larry Fitzgerald will reach 1,000 receptions this year?

Not likely. Last year, Larry Fitzgerald became the youngest player to reach 900 receptions and proved to be the most reliable wide receiver on the team. But despite that, it is undeniable that his production has gone down over the past 5 years. While I believe Fitzgerald will do better in 2015, ultimately he will not catch the 91 receptions he needs to reach 1,000 career receptions this season even if both he and Palmer are healthy. Yesterday, I covered the reasons Fitzgerald’s production fell the past three years. The reason for my belief that he will improve is that two of those...
Revenge Of The Birds Jul 7, 2015

What are the problems that have led to Fitzgerald's statistical decline?

Larry Fitzgerald has gone from the greatest Cardinal player to simply a offensive cog in a few short years. Larry Fitzgerald is the greatest Cardinals football in the history of the franchise and a first ballot hall of famer. Let’s get that out of the way right now so you know my view of him as a player. However, over the past few seasons Fitzgerald has not performed to the same level as when he was younger. He hasn’t been the best wide receiver in the league or even in the argument. Part of that is just the product of time (cue the obligatory Hootie and the Blowfish music)....
Revenge Of The Birds Jun 30, 2015

Larry Fitzgerald pass blocked in 2014 more than any other receiver (not that hard to do)

More proof the star receiver was asked to do more than he has been in the past. I didn't catch the tweet, but Darren Urban blogged about it on AZCardinals.com. Pro Football Focus' Sam Monson tweeted a stat that Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald led the league in -- he pass blocked more than any other receiver in the NFL. Now before you go nuts because it's crazy to think the Cardinals wouldn't send one of the best receivers of all time out on a pass route, realize he led all receivers with a whopping seven snaps where he was on pass protection. He did not pass block even once...

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