3:54 PM EDT, Wed June 29, 2016
Blogging The Boys Jun 27, 2016

Cowboys News: Could The Cowboys Top Play From Last Year Involve Matt Cassel?

Sometimes I think I've just deleted the 2015 Cowboys season from my memory banks. It was that bad. But a couple of articles today take us on trips down memory lane. For starters, NFL.com has a video counting down the Top 10 plays from the Cowboys 2015 season. How they chose their top play is baffling. Top 10 plays from the 2015 Cowboys season: Which play tops them all? - Staff, Sportsday 1. Week 9: Cassel's 18-yard desperation 'Hail Mary' touchdown to Bryant against the Eagles. That was a good play, Cassel spun out of a sack and threw a Hail Mary to the endzone that Bryant came up with....
Blogging The Boys May 29, 2016

2015 Cowboys Defense Was Better Against The Big Play Than You May Think

Some reports suggest that the 2016 Dallas Cowboys defense will be in dire straits. A deep dive into the numbers shows that may not be the case. To my eternal mystification, the Cowboys defense is being given in inordinate amount of blame for last year's 4-12 finish, despite the team featuring a trio of quarterbacks with six left hands in Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, and Kellen Moore. Many point to the league-low 11 takeaways as the key reason why the defense should receive a large portion of the blame, and while that certainly had an impact on the outcome of games, Bob Sturm of the Dallas...

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