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Field Gulls Jul 20, 2014

Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Sunday

Sunday! TAPEBREAKER - The 819Four years ago, the NFC West was the punchline of the NFL. Seattle scraped their way to a playoff berth with a lousy 7-9 record and protests were heard around the league regarding the exclusion of teams with higher winning totals from the playoffs. Yet, they played within the rules and the rules state that each division winner gets a home playoff game regardless of their record. Quarterback at the time, Matt Hasselbeck, had this to say to the media: "What do you call a person that graduated med school with the lowest GPA? A doctor." Miami Vice: Shula and Ditka...
Rotoworld Jul 8, 2014

Hasselbeck now wants to play past 2014 - Matt Hasselbeck (QB) Indianapolis Colts

Colts backup QB Matt Hasselbeck said he now wants to continue playing past 2014.

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