12:16 PM EDT, Sat September 05, 2015
Cat Scratch Reader Aug 31, 2015

Revisiting the Latest Mike Tolbert TD Dance

I think it's safe to say FB Mike Tolbert has taken over the mantle of lead Panther TD dancer. I'm sure you saw his latest TD dance as part of it was on Sports Center but in case you missed the full dance here you go. It's worth a gander: I plan to chronicle his dances throughout the season and then do a compilation at the end and do a fanpoll of the best. Sound slike a plan anyway. So how wouldyou rate his latest dance on a scale of 1 to 5? Take the poll and weigh in. Poll On a scale of 1 to 5 what you rate Tolberts TD dance? 1 - terrible ...
Cat Scratch Reader Aug 30, 2015

"Chunky" Mike Tolbert Gets Photobombed By Jonathan Stewart in Epic Interview

All it takes is a two-minute sideline interview for Mike Tolbert to remind us why he is one of the coolest cats in the NFL. In-game sideline interviews are normally pointless wastes of time. The players and coaches want to get back to, um, playing and coaching, so they give hurried, vague answers and basically treat the interviewer with contempt. Unless, of course, the interview involves Mike Tolbert. Then the sideline interview is awesome, because everything Mike Tolbert says and does is just awesome. In the fourth quarter of the Carolina Panthers preseason game against the New England...

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