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Miami needs Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace to “Come Together”

The Dolphins are on a month-long vacation and the undoubtedly need some good tunes. Here are a few ideas for specific players. Ryan Tannehill & Mike Wallace Come Together Tannehill and Wallace share a song because their success is tied together. Wallace came to Miami to give Tannehill a speedy deep threat but they never fully clicked last season. If they can truly come together in 2014, the Dolphins offense will be much more explosive. Branden Albert Big Poppa Nate Garner and Ja’Wuan James actually weigh slightly more than Albert. And an undrafted rookie tackle named Michael Phillip is...
Times-Picayune Jul 15, 2014

Dolphins wide receiver, West Bank native Mike Wallace wants to give back and out run his skeptics

Mike Wallace talks about this upcoming season at the Keenan Lewis Foundation Football Camp over the weekend
The Phinsider Jun 27, 2014

How Important is Mike Wallace to the Miami Dolphins' Offense?

After Mike Wallace failed to crack the top five on my "5 Most Irreplaceable Dolphins" list, there was a bit of a hostile reaction. While Wallace isn't "irreplaceable" in my eyes, he is extremely important to the Dolphins' offense. In an article that was published on Thursday, I listed the five most irreplaceable players for the Miami Dolphins. Upon completion of my list I realized that I was selling Mike Wallace's importance to the offense a bit short, so I gave him an honorable mention at the end of the article. While I don't view Wallace as a top five "irreplaceable" player on this...
ESPN Fantasy Football Jun 24, 2014

Fantasy Now: Mike Wallace vs. Eric Decker

In a deep wide receiver position, who would you rather have in 2014, Mike Wallace or Eric Decker?

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