12:35 AM EDT, Wed April 01, 2015
Pats Pulpit Mar 12, 2015

Thursday's Patriots Free Agency Rumors, Updates, and News: Evan Mathis, Vince Wilfork, Danny Amendola, Reggie Bush, Devin McCourty

Free agency is moving into its second stage and the Patriots are about to pounce. We're about to jump into the doldrums of the free agency period and I hope everyone is prepared. Nick Fairley is basically the last remaining top tier free agent yet to find a new franchise and the other players won't be ringing the alarm bells. It's foolish, really. These players that slip through the cracks are the ones that end up the most valuable and they're the ones that become the building blocks of championship teams. For every Darrelle Revis, there's a Nnamdi Asomugha and Albert Haynesworth and...

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