3:36 AM EDT, Mon June 27, 2016
Peyton Manning will root for Brock Osweiler, many NFL teams this season

Peyton Manning will root for Brock Osweiler, many NFL teams this season

Peyton Manning's days as an NFL player may have come to an end but that doesn't mean the former Broncos and Colts quarterback won't have a dog in the fight come September. In fact, he'll have six.

NFL planning on interviewing Steelers OLB James Harrison in connection with recanted PED report

The recanted Al-Jazeera report which included names like Peyton Manning, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and James Harrison isn't going away anytime soon. When an Al-Jazeera report was released in the middle of the 2015 NFL season, several big-named players were indicted in their participation with Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED). Among those were recently retired quarterback Peyton Manning, Green Bay Packers linebackers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison. Despite the report being recanted shortly after it's release, the NFL still plans on...
Times-Picayune Jun 24, 2016

Now retired, Peyton Manning to be a fan of Eli and a few other players, teams

'Of course, I'm going to be a huge New York Giants fan.'
Times-Picayune Jun 24, 2016

Peyton Manning at peace with retirement, no longer throwing, even at Manning Passing Academy

'I have a lot of football in my fall plans, but on my terms'
Battle Red Blog Jun 24, 2016

Even If Broncos Fans Won't, Peyton Manning Will Be Rooting For Brock Osweiler

Peyton Manning a Texans fan? Oh yeah, it's happening. Peyton Manning, the all-time great (even if he wasn't so great last year) quarterback who regained his spot from Brock Osweiler in the starting lineup down the stretch of the Broncos' Super Bowl run last season, announced his retirement a few months ago. Today, he announced that he's a Houston Texans fan. Or, more accurately, that he'll be rooting for the Texans' new quarterback this year WHICH BASICALLY MEANS HE'S A TEXANS FAN AND HAS TURNED HIS BACK ON BOTH DENVER AND INDIANAPOLIS. TAKE THAT, BRONCOS AND COLTS FANS. Peyton...
Stampede Blue Jun 23, 2016

Peyton Manning congratulates Matt Hasselbeck on retirement

Peyton Manning has a reputation for writing letters. Many of them we never find out about, but he has for a long time written letters to people in various situations, including retiring NFL players. If there is a player who has had an established career and who Manning looks up to, he will write that player a congratulatory letter upon retirement. The former Colts quarterback this offseason retired himself, but that didn’t mean he stopped from writing letters to other players. In fact, he wrote a letter to another former Colts quarterback: Matt Hasselbeck. Of course, Manning and...
Mile High Report Jun 22, 2016

Who (most) deserves 'Sportsperson of the Year' in 2015-16?

This is my favorite award given because it recognizes not only high-level play but also high-level character. Pat Bowlen. Peyton Manning. Everything you need to know about the SOTY award is embodied in those two - unselfish action, manifesting itself in outstanding play on the field and unparalleled commitment to the franchise off of it as well. Since our goals included recognizing contributions on and off the field, we created the Sportsperson of the Year award to highlight the best of Broncos Country. Since our goals with the Mile High Report Hall of Fame included recognizing community...
Newark Star-Ledger Jun 21, 2016

Jets' Brandon Marshall once thought Eric Decker was nothing without Peyton Manning

Until he played with him, Marshall didn't believe Decker was any good, per Newsday.
Jets Gab Jun 20, 2016

Brandon Marshall Felt Eric Decker was Good Only Because of Peyton Manning

Before he was his Jets teammate, before they formed arguably the best 1-2 receiving tandem in the NFL, Brandon Marshall doubted Eric Decker, Dom Cosentino of the Newark Star-Ledger reports. “[He] told me, ‘I honestly thought you were a product of Peyton” Manning,” Decker recently told Newsday. “Like, ‘I didn’t believe you were good.'” And […]
Peyton Manning ready to watch football rather than play it

Peyton Manning ready to watch football rather than play it

Peyton Manning is looking forward to the transition from football player to football fan.
Mile High Report Jun 20, 2016

Dear Von - stop talking, start negotiating ... and get back to playing

Now you've done it, Von. You've made me write you a letter. Maybe this letter will be the last contract drama reports we'll have for a while. Dear Von - We need to have a little chat - before this contract issue gets any more ridiculous. The Twittersphere is the last place you want to have this fight. Trust me. And no matter what you (or your agent) thinks about goading John Elway into the deal you want via the media - social and otherwise - it's not helping you in the long run, deal or not. Initially, I was on "your side" - if there have to be sides. I completely understand your point of...
Newark Star-Ledger Jun 19, 2016
Giants quarterback Eli Manning named NFL's most overpaid player

Giants quarterback Eli Manning named NFL's most overpaid player

That's what Pro Football Focus thinks, at least.
Stampede Blue Jun 16, 2016

Colts’ triplets ranked 13th-best in the NFL

During the Peyton Manning era, the Indianapolis Colts had the best set of triplets in the NFL. Typically considered to be the combination of a quarterback, running back, and wide receiver, the Colts had three guys who might one day end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. At quarterback was Peyton Manning, obviously, who is a no-brainer Hall of Fame choice and one of the best players in NFL history. At running back was Edgerrin James, who has been a finalist for the Hall of Fame in each of the past two years and likely will eventually get in. And at wide receiver was Marvin Harrison, who...
Stampede Blue Jun 16, 2016

Report: Peyton Manning might help NFL investigation due to desire to become an executive with a team

Former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is taking a year away from football in 2016, turning down other offers to be able to attend games - whether that’s his brother Eli’s games, Tennessee games, or Colts and Broncos games. He simply wants to be a fan for the first time in years. While that’s his plan for this year, it’s still widely expected that he wants to eventually wind up working in a front office role similar to the one John Elway occupies with the Broncos. Because of that, the MMQB’s Albert Breer had this interesting tidbit to say this morning: Word persists that Peyton...
Stampede Blue Jun 16, 2016

Indianapolis could have competition for the NFL Scouting Combine in the future

The annual NFL Scouting Combine has been held in Indianapolis since 1987, and it won't be leaving anytime soon. The city and the NFL reached an agreement this year on a five-year deal to keep the Combine in Indy through 2020. CBS4’s Mike Chappell noted that the deal guarantees the Combine in Indy in 2016 and 2017, with three subsequent years of one-year extension options. The bottom line is that the NFL took a step in ensuring that the Combine stays in the city for at least the next few years. There could be competition for the Combine looming in the future, however. Earlier this year...

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