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Malcom Floyd 'looks good' at workouts

The Chargers wide receiver suffered a career-threatening neck injury last September.
Bolts From The Blue Apr 19, 2014
Is it too early to think about post-Philip Rivers era?

Is it too early to think about post-Philip Rivers era?

There will come a time when somebody will have to take over for Philip Rivers. Should the Chargers be preparing themselves? What I am about to write could be considered blasphemy in the minds of San Diego Chargers fans. But its a thought that probably creeps into the back of Chargers minds every once in a while. I am just gonna put it out there and get it out of mine. Is it time for the Chargers to consider drafting an heir apparent to quarterback Philip Rivers? It's a good thing I ducked right now, because I just dodge the first tomato thrown at me. So if you don't mind, I'm going to pull...
Bolts From The Blue Mar 31, 2014
Remnants of A.J. Smith on the Chargers roster

Remnants of A.J. Smith on the Chargers roster

This isn't quite Tom Telesco's San Diego Chargers just yet. First, he needs to rid his roster of the mistakes of A.J. Smith. Not that he would, but this is the last season where San Diego Chargers GM Tom Telesco will be able to push any blame onto his predecessor. But, hoo boy, there is a lot of blame left. Allow me to look at all of the "starters" on the team, and categorize their 2014 cap hit as "good" or "bad" based on their perceived on-field value (these lists are entirely biased): (Rookie contracts are italicized) Good Contracts Philip Rivers ($16.6 million, 9th QB) Eric Weddle...

McCoy confident in Rivers, 'system'

Mike McCoy was right on the mark last year about Philip Rivers, and remains confident.

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