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Packers’ Top Plays of 2015: Honorable Mentions

These plays just barely missed the cut for our countdown of the Top 10 plays of the Packers’ 2015 season. Any time you make a top ten list, there are things that of course get left out. When counting down the Green Bay Packers’ top plays for 2015, we had to set the cutoff somewhere, and numerous notable plays were unfortunately forced down below the cut line. Here is a look at a few of the plays we considered, but which didn’t quite make the top ten. Randall Cobb goes nuts In week nine against the Carolina Panthers, the Packers’ offense needed a jolt. The team was getting housed,...
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Cheese Curds, 6/3: Matthews happy to be back outside; Cobb won't wear a mic again

Green Bay's top pass-rusher is back where he belongs, and one of their best wideouts isn't about to forget how he got hurt at the end of the season. On-field microphones have become fairly commonplace around the NFL. The audio they record is frequently used in highlight packages, NFL Films productions, and other forms of replays within a season and well after the games are played. But the wearing of those mics can come with a price, as the Green Bay Packers' Randall Cobb learned all too well in a playoff game in Arizona. It's a bit surprising to us that this story has not garnered more...

Cobb vows never to wear microphone after 2015 injury

Green Bay When Randall Cobb dove at full extension to catch a pass against the Arizona Cardinals in last year's playoffs, the wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers was wearing a microphone. He landed square on his back, punctured a lung and wound up in a Phoenix-area hospital as the Packers' season concluded.

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