9:30 PM EDT, Tue August 23, 2016
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 13, 2016

Ray Lewis recently speaks on double murder case

The linebacker spoke about one of the more controversial parts of his life. Of all places you’d expect Ray Lewis to delve deep into the past, Cigar Aficionado was one of my last guesses. But great responses to good questions help to once again bring up the past and also fizzle the embers from angry torches. Marvin R. Shanken of Cigar Aficionado sat down with the Ravens legendary defender and produced a fantastic interview. Ray answered on being accused of double murder. "Every moment in life is intentional. What I had to go through individually, as a person, not only prepared me for a...
Baltimore Sun Aug 13, 2016

Under Armour signs Ray Lewis to extended deal emphasizing community initiatives

Ray Lewis was once Under Armour’s most prominent NFL endorser. The 20-year-old Baltimore brand is gambling that the retired Ravens linebacker has enough cachet locally and nationally to merit a different sort of long-term deal with the footwear and apparel maker. Under Armour officials tell the...
Baltimore Sun Aug 10, 2016

Ray Lewis tweets strange thing about Michael Phelps' medal count, deletes it

It's increasingly difficult to trace the narrative arc of Michael Phelps' comeback without hitting upon Ray Lewis.
Baltimore Beatdown Aug 10, 2016

Players on the bubble: LB Arthur Brown

While the Ravens front office know at least 40-45 players guaranteed a spot, that leaves the other 45-50 fighting tooth & nail for a job. One of those players is Arthur Brown. Drafted in the second round, linebacker Arthur Brown was hopefully the replacement for the retiring legend Ray Lewis. Fans didn’t expect him to be the next great player, but they at least hoped for consistent play from a second round prospect. They’re hopes have been squandered so far. In three seasons Brown has produced a stat line of 11 tackles and a half sack. Not what you want out of such a highly touted...