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Seattle Seahawks fans want to build statue commemorating ‘The Tip,’ Richard Sherman’s famous play

Two Seahawks fans are raising money to build a bronze statue of Richard Sherman’s famous defensive tipaway in the last moments of the NFC championship game — the play that sent Seattle to Super Bowl XLVIII and has come to be known as “The Tip.” The sculpture will feature the famous image of Sherman tipping […]
Field Gulls Jul 21, 2014
Legion of Boom to be featured on Madden 15 welcome screen

Legion of Boom to be featured on Madden 15 welcome screen

Richard Sherman will still grace the cover of Madden 15 by himself, but he'll have some company on the welcome screen. As cocky and arrogant as he might seem to be initially, Richard Sherman is one of the least selfish guys you'll find on the football field. Shortly before the Madden 15 cover went official, Sherman had said that he wanted his teammates from the Legion of Boom on the cover with him, but EA wasn't allowing it. Sherman went on to say that if anyone wanted to make a petition to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, this was the perfect opportunity for it. Jason Coiner created a...
Field Gulls Jul 17, 2014

Seahawks take home more hardware at ESPYs

On Wednesday night, the Seahawks were recognized for their championship season with the "Best Team" award at the ESPYS. Richard Sherman also won Best Breakthrough Athlete. The Seahawks continued to rake in the hardware on Wednesday night at the ESPYs, winning a pair of awards. Richard Sherman won Best Breakthrough Athlete and (to my surprise to be honest), the Seahawks won Best Team. I only say I'm surprised because I thought the Spurs domination in the NBA playoffs for two months would win them the award. Sherman accepted the award from Cameron Diaz and gave a shoutout to his Legion of...

Be wary of Richard Sherman baiting

.share-print{margin-right: 135px !important;}Share this:Email—Print0(function($) {$.getJSON('https://graph.facebook.com/?id=http://blog.sfgate.com/49ers/2014/07/14/be-wary-of-richard-sherman-baiting/', function (data) { if (typeof data !== 'undefined' && data !== null && typeof data['shares'] !== 'undefined' && data['shares'] !== null) $('#facebook_share_count_165971584').html(data['shares']); });})(jQuery); Richard Sherman creates controversyHow tired is the Richard Sherman-Michael Crabtree verbal joust? Sherman, the Seahawks All-Pro cornerback once again said Crabtree was a “sorry”...

Seahawks’ Richard Sherman: I’m done talking about 49ers’ Crabtree

Seattle Seahawks’ All-Pro Richard Sherman is among the best in the world at two things: 1. Playing cornerback in the NFL 2. Talking trash — particularly about San Francisco 49ers wideout Michael Crabtree But according to Sherman, he’s given up the latter. “I’m pretty much done talking about that, man.” Sherman said when asked about […]
San Jose Mercury News Jul 11, 2014

Video: Seahawks' Richard Sherman still talking about 49ers' Michael Crabtree

Seattle Seahawks talkative cornerback Richard Sherman appeared on Wednesday night's episode of 'American Muscle' on the Discovery Channel, and he went right back to his confrontation with 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree near the end of the NFC Championship game
Niners Nation Jul 11, 2014
Golden Nuggets: Michael Crabtree not rising to Richard Sherman's bait

Golden Nuggets: Michael Crabtree not rising to Richard Sherman's bait

Friday, July 11, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet. Richard Sherman really enjoys the sound of his own voice, doesn't he? The man certainly loves to talk, and as part of that, he loves to talk trash. It doesn't particularly bother me -- I'm more concerned with what he does on the field -- but it's certainly notable. Fortunately, Michael Crabtree doesn't seem to be too bothered by the talk, which is always a good sign. A concentrated and confident Crabtree is important, no? If you missed it on Twitter -- I'm sure...

Sherman on Crabtree: "I’m pretty much done talking about that

Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman appeared on the NFL Network's Total Access again tonight, and among other things talked about his rivalry with 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree. This time, though, Sherman had not much to say, saying he's just about done discussing that topic. “I’m pretty much done talking about that,'' Sherman said, according to a transcript released by NFL Network. "It’s getting old, it’s getting old for me. I’m tired of people asking me about it.” You can watch some of what Sherman had to say here. And here are his comments on Crabtree. Here's some more of what...
Niners Nation Jul 10, 2014
Richard Sherman talks smack, and Michael Crabtree remains our taciturn receiver

Richard Sherman talks smack, and Michael Crabtree remains our taciturn receiver

Michael Crabtree's silence this offseason deserves some praise. Fooch's Update - After this was written, before publication, Crabtree was asked on ESPN about Sherman. His response (still fitting in the mold of this article: "I don't get into talking about these guys. I concentrate on football. It's my life. I don't have too much to prove when it comes to talking on TV. I'm a baller." On to Wes's article.... Below is a full transcript of everything Michael Crabtree has said, unprovoked, this offseason about Richard Sherman: ...... I'm not saying that Crabtree is a perfect dude of...
Field Gulls Jul 10, 2014

Richard Sherman wants to choke Michael Crabtree out for the rest of his career *figuratively, I assume*

There is now video from the premiere of American Muscle which features a cameo by Richard Sherman explaining his spat with Michael Crabtree from last season. It was shot months ago, but the re-hashing of the Sherman-Crabtree beef has shot back to the forefront of the media cycle. Just to collect what was reported on the story and put it all in one place, here's the background. First - the context. Sherman makes The Tip, the play that sends the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. Here's what it looked like from NFL Films: Sherman, after celebrating with his teammates briefly, quickly runs over to...

Video: Sherman says he wants to “choke out” Crabtree for the rest of his career

Here’s Richard Sherman on the TV show “American Muscle” with some choice comments about San Francisco wide receiver Michael Crabtree:
Niners Nation Jul 10, 2014

Ahmad Brooks tweets about Richard Sherman-Michael Crabtree "beef"

The Richard Sherman-Michael Crabtree has drawn in another member of the San Francisco 49ers. Ahmad Brooks had some comments about it on Twitter. I know many of you are getting sick and tired of Richard Sherman, and particularly discussing Richard Sherman here at Niners Nation. And yet, things keep happening with this guy. Sherman is a talented cornerback, who backed up his previous trash talk with a fantastic 2013 season. And yet, somehow he can't keep his mouth shut about Michael Crabtree. Yesterday, he had some comments about Michael Crabtree, saying he hopes to play him every year and...

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