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Boston Herald Jul 27, 2015
Patriots roster breakdown: Tight ends

Patriots roster breakdown: Tight ends

With the Patriots conducting their first training camp practice on Thursday, the Herald will break down positional groups throughout the week. The spotlight here shines on tight ends, along with each player’s projected standing on the depth chart as the team opens camp:• Tight ends on roster (6): Jake Bequette, Scott Chandler, AJ Derby, Rob Gronkowski, Michael Hoomanawanui, Jimmay Mundine.
Newark Star-Ledger Jul 24, 2015

AFC East roster rankings: Rob Gronkowski is best tight end. After that?

Gronkowski is far and away the best in the division, if not the league.
Bucs Nation Jul 20, 2015

Daily Bucs Links: Training camp's coming

Here's your open thread for today. 2015 NFL Training Camp Schedule for The MMQB, plus 32 players to watch | The MMQB with Peter KingTime for the 2015 Training Camp Primer. Everything you need to know about the NFL’s 32 training camps, with some fun on the side. Clip and save. First things first, though. It was a notable Saturday evening for the Favre family. Rob Gronkowski refuses to name something that can be deflated on 'Family Feud' - SBNation.comGronk knows better than to answer a question about deflated balls on Family Feud. This Week in the NFC SouthWhat were the Bucs' division...
Boston Herald Jul 20, 2015
Rob Gronkowski takes pass on 
‘Family Feud’ deflate query

Rob Gronkowski takes pass on 
‘Family Feud’ deflate query

Normally loquacious Patriots star Rob Gronkowski found himself at a loss for words at the first question thrown his way on ABC’s “Celebrity Family Feud” last night: “Name something that can be inflated or deflated.”“I don’t even want this one,” Gronkowksi said 
after an awkward pause over the obvious allusion to the Patriots’ notorious 
“Deflategate” scandal. “I’m going to have to answer questions all the time.”“That’s a smart man right there,” host Steve Harvey quipped.
Patriots Gab Jul 18, 2015

Rob Gronkowski wins ESPY Award for Best Comeback Athlete

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski won an ESPY Award for Best Comeback Athlete on Wednesday, beating out Derrick Rose, Lindsay Vonn, and Alex Rodriguez.  Gronk returned in 2014 from a season-ending ACL tear in 2013 and a string of other injuries to lead all tight ends in receiving yards (1,124 yards) and 12 touchdowns and ranking […]
Pats Pulpit Jul 17, 2015

DeflateGate: Rich Eisen and Rob Gronkowski Talk About Tom Brady

The NFL Network's host spoke with the Patriots tight end about the status of his quarterback. As New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski continued his book tour around the country, he sat down with the NFL Network's Rich Eisen and talked little bit about DeflateGate. Eisen tried to pry some information out of Gronk, but it typical Bill Belichick fashion, Gronk said a whole bunch of nothing, even though he's clearly ready to move on from the whole ordeal. RICH: Now look, this is not your case. This is not your situation, but Tom is gonna be in a position it seems over the next few...

Changing Expectations For Saints At Tight End

With the departure of Jimmy Graham from New Orleans, the expectations for tight end should change just as much as the position will itself. Over the past four seasons, the New Orleans Saints have witnessed the expectations for the position of tight end skyrocket to unbelievable proportions.  In Jimmy Graham, the Saints had, without question, the second best tight end in all of football (only behind New England's Rob Gronkowski) as well as the most dynamic athlete at the position in franchise history.  Ultimately, the weight of Graham's new contract of $40 million over 4 years quickly...
Pats Pulpit Jul 17, 2015

MMQB: Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski Talks Recovery from Injury

Rob Gronkowski's new book is on the horizon, so here's a sneak peek at one of his chapters. The Summer of Gronk feels entirely different coming off a Super Bowl victory, instead of a loss. But don't tell that to New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski- he can compartmentalize his work from his play, and he'll give 100% to both. Gronk published a book titled It's Good to Be Gronk and it's all about how he's come to be the goofy, lovable player that we all know today. He talks about his relationship with his brothers, and how they, uh, were brothers: Whenever they could catch me, and...
Patriots Gab Jul 15, 2015

Video: Rob Gronkowski Takes ‘Gronk-A-Thon’ Challenge on THE TALK

The hosts challenge Patriots Super Bowl champ Rob Gronkowski to a “Gronk-A-Thon” to see how many items he can spike in 30 seconds. See why you don’t want to mess with Gronk!
Pats Pulpit Jul 15, 2015

Funny or Die: A Gronking To Remember, A Major Motion Picture

Now presenting, A Gronking to Remember, the Movie!! I know you've all been waiting for A Gronking to Remember to become a major motion picture. We're lucky enough to be able to provide you all with a sneak peak of the upcoming film. (this is not suitable for work, or probably kids under the age of 13) A Gronk To Remember With Rob Gronkowski from Funny Or Die No lie, I'd watch this. I'd watch it before Entourage or Ted 2. Rob Gronkowski is easily the best character in the entire NFL and you just have to support that, especially in movie form. The New England Patriots are lucky to have him...
Niners Nation Jul 10, 2015

Why does Colin Kaepernick sell so many jerseys?

After yesterday's new about Colin Kaepernick's jersey sales, I wonder why he is selling so many jerseys. Yesterday, we learned that Colin Kaepernick's jersey was the fourth best selling jersey in the month of June. This was up from a previous placement at seventh in May. He moved past Rob Gronkowski, Russell Wilson and Jameis Winston, who are now in the tenth, seventh, and eighth spots respectively. It's a curious thing to track jersey sales, and it started me wondering about how Kap got the fourth position in the first place. I think there are a few discernable reasons. First, QBs will...
Pats Pulpit Jul 10, 2015

Patriots Chasing Franchise Records: Tight End Rob Gronkowski

A couple New England Patriots are on the verge of setting franchise history. Here's Rob Gronkowski. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is on the verge of setting franchise records, or climbing towards the top of the list. Here's where he stands: Receptions: 308; Rank: 9th While Gronkowski still has a couple more years before he sets the franchise record (Wes Welker, 672 receptions), he's likely to climb pass Deion Branch (328), Terry Glenn (329), and Irving Fryar (363) to get into 6th place. Kevin Faulk is in 5th, with 431 receptions. While 123 receptions is certainly not impossible, it's...
Patriots Gab Jul 9, 2015

Find out where Tom Brady and Gronk rank on NFL’s Top 100 Players

The NFL network host a show called NFL’s Top 100 Players and have NFL players voting whose the best player going into the new season and tonight it showed a little flaw in the system. Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots tight end, and the best tight end in the NFL came in at number 10 on […]
Patriots Gab Jul 5, 2015

Patriots up for 5 ESPY’s Awards

The Patriots are up for 5 ESPY’s awards after winning Super Bowl 49 back in February after a dominating 2014 NFL season. Bill Belichick is up for Best Coach/Manager. Tom Brady is up for the Best NFL Player. The Patriots are up for Best Game. Rob Gronkowski is up for Best Comeback Athlete. Malcolm Butler […]

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