2:27 PM EDT, Mon June 27, 2016
Stampede Blue Jun 14, 2016

What can the Colts reasonably expect from Robert Mathis in 2016?

The Colts spent the offseason addressing some of their needs, especially the offensive line. But that also meant they weren't able to address every issue, resulting in the pass rush being left thin. The pass rush is certainly the biggest lingering concern for the Colts right now, and they very much want to develop younger talent. They’ll be working with a converted defensive lineman, a seventh round draft pick, and several undrafted players, however, meaning the Colts likely won’t be able to count on immediate production from them. That leaves the position up to Robert Mathis and...
Stampede Blue Jun 2, 2016

Robert Mathis talks about his future and retirement

Yesterday, we took a look at the 2017 Colts free agents, as it's worth looking at which players' contracts will expire following the season. Outside of the obvious (Andrew Luck), the most notable name on that list is outside linebacker Robert Mathis, the longest-tenured Colt. It's uncertain whether the Colts will re-sign Mathis after the year and that likely depends on how the season goes, but perhaps the more applicable question is first to ask whether Mathis will play another season. He'll be 36 years old when free agency rolls around next year, and it's fair to wonder how much longer...
Stampede Blue Jun 2, 2016

ESPN makes five predictions for Colts' 2016 season

On Tuesday, the countdown to the 2016 NFL season reached a new milestone, as it marked 100 days until the regular season opener between the Broncos and Panthers. To mark the occasion, ESPN released a list of 100 predictions "that will frame the 2016 season." Five of those predictions were about the Colts: 23. Colts QB Andrew Luck will sign a contract extension worth between $23 million to $23.5 million per year sometime before the start of training camp. Luck is the franchise and the team needs to lock him up sooner than later. -- John Clayton This one is perhaps as likely to come true as...
Stampede Blue Jun 2, 2016

Early spreads have the Colts favored in nine games in 2016

The NFL offseason is all about predictions. It's about predicting how teams and players will do in the upcoming season. One such way to discuss these predictions is to look at what the oddsmakers have to say, and ESPN today released the spreads for each of the first 16 weeks of the season, according to Cantor Technology. The spreads were only released for the first 16 weeks and not the final one because by week 17 many teams have a playoff spot locked up, meaning that they might rest starters and therefore the spreads might not be as accurate. Nonetheless, we have the early spreads for...

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