10:56 AM EDT, Sat July 30, 2016
Hogs Haven Jul 10, 2016

Should the Redskins Put a Star at Returner?

Hogs Haven examines what's been lacking for years in Washington, a solid returner for the Redskins. There is an entire generation of Redskins fans who may only know Brian Mitchell as a guy who gets angry on TV. But a lot of us remember him as a 220 pound bald head who was asses and elbows down a football field. Since Mitchell left the Redskins eons ago, there has been a void at the position. Rock Cartwright has probably been the best returner since Mitchell's release in 1999. And behind him? Brandon Banks (now of the CFL), maybe? Hell, we've even tried a tight end at returner. It's time...

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