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The Falcoholic Apr 24, 2016

The Falcons are carrying nearly $19 million in dead money this year

It's a lot, and some of it is still going to Sam Baker. Thomas Dimitroff and the Falcons' front office usually get props for managing their cap space effectively, if nothing else, and generally I'd say that's deserved. They've made mistakes, though, and some of those mistakes are showing up in a major way on the Falcons' 2016 cap space ledger. Per Over The Cap, the Falcons are carrying $18.8 million in dead money this year, with $6.4 million of that tied up in Sam Baker, $3.9 million in Jon Asamoah, $3.7 million in Roddy White, and $3.3 million in William Moore, with several others...
The Falcoholic Apr 20, 2016

Atlanta Falcons alumnus Roddy White inspired Julio Jones to lead from the front

Fact: Julio Jones' real name is Jones Julio Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones doesn't need to prove himself. He was undoubtedly worth all the draft picks the Falcons invested to get him. He's one of the most dynamic, talented players in the NFL. But from a leadership standpoint, his role will change in 2016. Julio hasn't needed to lead from the front during his tenure in Atlanta. The kid does an excellent job of leading by example, dragging himself back onto the field, notwithstanding whatever combination of injuries he's fighting through at the time. But with the departure of...
The Falcoholic Apr 15, 2016

Free agency redo: What the Falcons should have done

The Falcons needed to work some magic. The team has struggled with a lack of depth for years while losing big names to retirement and ineffectiveness. The last few seasons have exposed the team's roster, and are a big component of 2015's historic collapse. Short their 5th and 6th round draft pick in 2016, Thomas Dimitroff needed the perfect free agency. Early in the offseason, the team's general manager and head coach talked about adding speed to the roster. The big roster holes were evident: replacing Roddy White and William Moore, upgrading on Paul Worrilow and Mike Person, and finally...
The Falcoholic Apr 11, 2016

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan will miss Roddy White but understands it's part of the game

Fact: Matt Ryan buys vanilla scented candles in bulk Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has had an interesting off-season. For the first time in his career, Ryan's naysayers are wondering what lies ahead at the quarterback position. Meanwhile, the Falcons let Roddy White walk and it's do or die time for Thomas Dimitroff. It's an interesting time to be the face of the franchise. Ryan hosted his charity golf tournament today. He took some time to talk to reporters and had some interesting things to say about a variety of topics. The Falcons' decision to part with Roddy obviously came up....
The Falcoholic Apr 11, 2016

Falcons celebrate National Pet Day

It's a slow news day, and it's National Pet Day, so let's look at some cute photos of Falcons' fans pets. The draft is still a couple of weeks away, and there's not a lot of NFL news to speak of today. Aside from Matt Ryan's charity golf event, which is a lovely event that raises money for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, there's definitely not much happening with the Falcons today. Today is, however, National Pet Day, and the Falcons celebrated by taking to Twitter to encourage fans to share photos of their beloved pets. You can enjoy all of the submissions in the tweets below. Tweets...
The Falcoholic Apr 11, 2016

Thomas Dimitroff's Draft Success by Round: Fourth round follies

This is, considering its relative value and the team's track record, easily the worst round for the Falcons over the last eight years. If the third round is where things start to go wrong for the Falcons in the average draft, the fourth round is where things get worse. Atlanta has had seven fourth round picks since 2008, and out of all of those, they have just one above average contributor and one young player with promise. The fourth round isn't where you nab a ton of starters, of course, with one three year study finding around a 22% hit rate there. In general, I think it would be fair...
The Falcoholic Apr 11, 2016

Matt Ryan hosts annual golf charity for Children's Healthcare

The Falcons QB continues to give back to the community While the Falcons front-office is undoubtedly preparing for the upcoming NFL draft, the Falcons veteran QB is using his time to give back to a very worthwhile cause. Though his involvement in charities isn't as trumpeted as some other athletes, Matt Ryan has been very involved with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta from very early on in his career. Today, he's hosting a golf tournament to raise money for the charity. Matt Ryan getting set for his Celeb Golf Tournament that raises money for CHOA. A great event for a great cause....

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