2:41 PM EST, Sun February 01, 2015
Why Ryan Tannehill finds it surreal to play against Tom Brady

Why Ryan Tannehill finds it surreal to play against Tom Brady

Why Ryan Tannehill finds it surreal to play against Tom Brady
ESPN Fantasy Football Jan 22, 2015

How will Fins handle Tannehill's contract?

After three NFL seasons, the Miami Dolphins likely aren't sure exactly what they have in Ryan Tannehill. He has looked good, but not great, and sports...
Rotoworld Jan 22, 2015

Dolphins are sticking with Ryan Tannehill - Ryan Tannehill (QB) Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are fully expected to pick up the $15M fifth-year option on Ryan Tannehill.

Hickey says Tannehill is the future, strikes contrast with words about Wallace

Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey today spoke with the media for the first time since the 2014 season ended and one thing was left very clear from his session at the Senior Bowl, in Mobile, Ala.: Quarterback Ryan Tannehill definitely...
The Phinsider Jan 21, 2015

Ryan Tannehill a Pro Bowl QB? He should be

Should Ryan Tannehill be a Pro Bowl quarterback? Probably, given Matthew Stafford and Andy Dalton are going. Is Ryan Tannehill a Pro Bowl snub? It looks like it. The Miami Dolphins starting quarterback's 2014 season may not be what you would typically envsision when it comes to "Pro Bowl" seasons, but neither are some of the other performances from quarterbacks now heading to the all-star event. Tannehill should absolutely have been a consideration for this year's Pro Bowl. Before we get to Tannehill's resume, here is why this is becoming an issue. The NFL selected six quarterbacks for the...
The Phinsider Jan 6, 2015

Anatomy of a Play: Ryan Tannehill 40-yard run vs. Green Bay Packers

A closer look at Ryan Tannehill's 40-yard run against the Green Bay Packers. We take a closer look at a random play from the Miami Dolphins' 2014 season today. In this case, it is Ryan Tannehill's 40-yard run against the Green Bay Packers. The Dolphins trailed the Packers by seven points in the third quarter, facing a 2nd-and-5. Miami called a read option. The play is set up with the quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the shotgun, with Knowshon Moreno to his left. Tannehill will be reading Clay Matthews, who is spot shadowed in blue, to make his read. If Matthews crashes down on the offensive...
The Phinsider Jan 2, 2015

Rank the NFL quarterbacks

There was a discussion earlier today on where Ryan Tannehill ranks in the NFL QB universe. Now, you can give us your answer. Debating where teams and players rank is one of the favorite offseason pastimes for sports fans. Earlier today, that debate started with exactly where should Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill rank among the NFL starting quarterbacks. Now, we give you a chance to vote for exactly where he should rank. Some notes before the poll. Some of the starters are assumed starters next year, or best guesses at what a team may do. Will Robert Griffin III be starting for...

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