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Minnesota Vikings: 3 Mid-Round Wide Receiver Gems in 2017 NFL Draft

Minnesota Vikings: 3 Mid-Round Wide Receiver Gems in 2017 NFL Draft

The Minnesota Vikings head into the 2017 seasonwith a need at wide receiver and these mid-round 2017 NFL Draft options could fill the voidIf Minnesota had not traded a first round pick for Sam Bradford at the beginning of last season, they would currently be sitting with the 14th pick and have an ...

Will Sam Bradford's backup be a veteran addition or a draft pick?

Who will be Sam Bradford’s top backup in 2017?The Vikings at some point in the coming weeks figure to add another quarterback to their 90-man roster. Right now, they have only three, one of whom might not be cleared to throw a football any time soon. With Teddy Bridgewater’s status in limbo due to the devastating knee injury he suffered last August, the Vikings have no proven backup to Sam Bradford, whom coach Mike Zimmer named the starter in January. Shaun Hill, who started the season opener last year before making way for Bradford, is a free agent. I was told a couple weeks ago that...
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What's The Cost Of Moving Into Round One?

What's The Cost Of Moving Into Round One?

The Sam Bradford trade left the Vikings without a first round draft pick in the 2017 draft. That doesn't mean they won't end up with one, though. If there's one thing about Vikings GM Rick Spielman that most everyone seems to agree with, it's that he's not afraid to make a bold trade in an attempt to improve the team. Now, whether those trades actually helped the team or not, we tend to debate endlessly, but I'll give Spielman credit in that he's not afraid to make a splash, especially on draft day. The nickname 'Trader Rick' has been well earned in his time here, and the 2017 draft gives...
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Eagles' Howie Roseman ebullient at winning coin flip for 14th pick

INDIANAPOLIS - First the coin flipped, then Howie Roseman did. This was after the special gold coin came to rest, the side with the Minnesota Vikings logo facing up. That meant the Eagles, owners of the Vikings' 2017 first-round draft pick, thanks to the Sam Bradford trade, were the winners of Friday's NFL Scouting Combine coin toss against the Indianapolis Colts. They will select 14th overall on April 27 in Philadelphia. The Colts will pick 15th.
Daily Norseman Mar 3, 2017
NFL Draft Order Finalized As Vikings 'Win' Coin Toss...For Eagles...Or Something

NFL Draft Order Finalized As Vikings 'Win' Coin Toss...For Eagles...Or Something

The coin toss to finalize the draft order has been made, and by winning the coin toss the Vikes are hurt later on in the draft Earlier today there was a coin toss between the Vikings and the Indianapolis Colts to finalize the draft order, and the best outcome possible for the Vikings was if they actually lost the coin toss. That would have given them earlier picks in later rounds, but yeah, they won the coin toss, so they got the 14th pick in the first round, not the 15th pick. Oh, the 14th pick belongs to Philadelphia, because of the Sam Bradford trade. So yeah, instead of getting a later...

Vikings 'win' coin flip, will first be on the clock at pick No. 48

The Vikings won their coin flip with the Colts at the NFL scouting combine today, but the victory is not something they will be celebrating. Because both the Vikings and the Colts finished 8-8 with identical strength of schedules, they had to have a televised coin flip today to determine where each would fall in the draft order for next month’s NFL draft. The Vikings won the toss, meaning they would get the 14th overall pick and the Colts would get the 15th. But, of course, the Vikings traded that pick to the Eagles to get quarterback Sam Bradford back in September. So technically the...

Rick Spielman says conversation with Adrian Peterson was 'very positive'

After chatting with a few local reporters here in Indianapolis this morning, GM Rick Spielman playfully bet us one dollar that the first question of his official podium press conference at the scouting combine would be about running back Adrian Peterson, whose option will not be picked up. It was actually about the Sam Bradford trade — pay up, Rick — but there were a few AP questions before his 15-minute podium session ended. Spielman said that on Friday he informed both Adrian Peterson and his agent that the Vikings would decline his $18 million option for 2017. “They were very good...
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The Minnesota Vikings are still delusional about Sam Bradford

The Minnesota Vikings are still delusional about Sam Bradford

The Minnesota Vikings still think quarterback Sam Bradford can be the answer for them.

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